Car Subscriptions: Ownership Without the Strings?

Flexible, comprehensive, and hassle-free. Car subscriptions are a great way to obtain a vehicle without the set-in-stone nature of car ownership.

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In a similar way to how your favourite digital media streaming service lets you watch different films or play different albums, a car subscription puts you behind the wheel of the car that you want to drive, when you want to drive it.

That’s because these kinds of contracts often work over a 28-day or month-by-month basis, giving you the freedom to swap your vehicle or cancel the contract much more frequently. But subscriptions with Flexed give you so much more than that too…

The benefits of car subscriptions:

For more detailed information, visit our car subscription FAQ.


What you don’t need to worry about

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Road Tax

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Manufacturer Warranty

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15,000 miles per annum (MPA) calculated on a pro-rata daily basis

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24 Hour Breakdown and Roadside Assistance

*excludes punctures/accidental damage to the tyres


The 8 steps to car subscription success…

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Pick a car on the Flexed website or from our vehicle price list.

Man writing on paper


Complete our one-page application form.

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Set up your payment with us (including a one-off admin fee of £175 excl. VAT for new contracts).

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Electronically sign the online subscription agreement.

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Get insurance for your chosen vehicle (we can help!)

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Receive your car within a couple of days (collection or delivery available).

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Put fuel in the tank.


If you’re interested in car subscriptions, or you’re looking for more information, we can help.

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