Car Leasing in Cardiff

We are a professional car leasing company offering cost-effective car leasing in Cardiff. If you are looking to lease a quality car as part of a service that can offer you unrivalled flexibility, we can help you.

We offer long-term leasing contracts spanning 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Our customers choose the term of lease they require and also choose the mileage allowance they need. In this way, we ensure that our clients keep their costs down, avoiding situations where clients pay for more miles than they need.

The cars we offer in Cardiff

While our prices are low, the quality of the cars we lease to our clients is not. Our extensive fleet of cars includes something for everyone.  From small city cars, ideal for zipping around busy urban areas, to 4x4s, SUVs and Saloons, we have a great variety of cars available to our clients in Cardiff. If you would like to know about the car brands we offer, the list is no less impressive:

And more – we can offer our clients fantastic variety, ensuring they find the perfect car for their needs.

When you lease a car from our service for a period of 12 months, we will provide you with a new replacement car after 6 months, ensuring you can retain the enjoyment of driving a new car throughout the term of your lease. We also offer high levels of support to our clients, providing 24-hour emergency assistance, vehicle recovery services and vehicle maintenance within the price of the leases we offer.

As we aim to offer our clients flexibility, we do not tie them into agreements any longer than an initial 28 days. After these 28 days have passed, our clients have the ability to alter the length of their car lease terms should they wish, something which differentiates our service from many other car leasing services on the market.

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