Can I Customise My Lease Car Or Van From Flexed?

I Want To Modify My Lease Car, Is This Allowed?

We’ve been asked on many occasions by customers as to whether it’s okay to customise their lease vehicle whilst it’s in their possession such as having a tow bar or roof rack fitted, so we’ve decided to explain in more detail what type of modifications are acceptable when leasing a car or van from Flexed.

We realise that some of our customers will be travelling further afield than the UK in their lease vehicle, especially in the summer months, and might need to have a tow bar fitted to pull a caravan or some roof bars fitted to carry extra luggage, in which case is it allowed with a lease vehicle to make modifications and if so, what is the process?  Generally it’s as follows:

  • If you want to customise your lease vehicle, we would like to advise all of our customers in advance that doing so could invalidate the warranty on your chosen lease car or van.
  • If you do make modifications to your lease vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are removed before your lease term comes to an end and that there’s no damage left on the vehicle after the modification has been removed.
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You can add modifications to your lease car or van, such as a tow bar, as long as you’ve been granted permission by your finance provider. © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

You might be a business owner who’s decided to add company decals to your lease van to advertise what you do and how to get in touch and these too must be removed carefully before your lease period comes to an end.

If you’re leasing a car or van from Flexed on a long term rental, it might be advisable to mention at point of order of your intention to add modifications to your lease vehicle such as a tow bar, as this could be arranged before you collect or take delivery of your lease vehicle.

However, if you decide later into your lease term to make a modification to your lease car or van, you will need to get permission from your finance provider before carrying out any kind of modification on your lease vehicle.

We advise discussing any changes you wish to make to your lease vehicle in more detail with us before going ahead with any type of modification, as permission and restrictions all depend on what modification you are considering, the manufacturer and your finance provider.

How would car modifications affect my finance agreement?

There’s a number of modifications that drivers consider adding to their lease car or van which more often than not are accepted as okay to carry out by your finance provider and these include:

Tow Bar – permission is usually granted for a customer to have a tow bar fitted to their lease vehicle.

Roof Bars & Roof Rack – having roof bars fitted to your lease car is generally accepted but permission must be granted first.

Vehicle Wrap or Company Decals – some businesses like to add company decals to their lease vehicle by way of a wrap or vinyl letters etc.. most finance providers grant permission but request they are removed without causing any damage at the end of your lease contract.

Black Box – very popular amongst younger drivers and installed by your insurance provider – you must get permission from your finance provider.

Dashboard Camera – permission is required before installing a dashboard camera to the front of your lease vehicle.

Vehicle Tracker – these type of devices can help in the recovery of your lease car or van if it was to be stolen and can be fitted once permission has been approved.

If you do make modifications to your lease car or van, make sure you’ve been granted permission by your finance provider before going ahead and ensure that whatever type of modification you have chosen is removed carefully before your lease vehicle is due to be returned and that no signs of damage not covered under the BVRLA fair wear & tear guide are visible, as this could lead to end of contract charges to cover the repair costs.


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