Bought A Lemon?

Don’t Be Sour, As FLEXED Are Here To Fill The Gap!

What Is A Lemon Car?

A ‘lemon car’ is a vehicle (often new) that turns out to have a number of defects that may affect its safety and value.

In the US, they have what’s known as Lemon Law which according to Wikipedia are: ‘American state laws that provide a remedy for purchasers of cars and other consumer goods in order to compensate for products that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.’

The UK has no such law but we do use the term ‘sold a lemon’ to describe a highly flawed item, which is now mainly used in the motor industry to describe a defective vehicle, chiefly a car.

Don’t Be Sour – We’re Here To Help!

If you’ve recently purchased a relatively new or brand new car and it’s turned out to be a ‘lemon’, don’t be sour as Flexed can fill the gap whilst you wait for your problem to be solved.

FLEXED - short term car leases

If you’ve bought yourself a ‘lemon car’, don’t be sour as Flexed can help fill the gap!

It might be that your ‘lemon car’ is waiting to be fixed or you’ve returned the vehicle and are left without a car until you’re given a replacement, either way you can simply lease a car from Flexed on a short term lease contract and cancel it once your ‘lemon’ issues have been resolved.

You can lease a new car from us on a short term lease for just a minimum of 28 days, so we’re the perfect solution if you’ve bought yourself a ‘lemon’!

We don’t ask you to commit to anything long term, so you have the right to cancel your contract as soon as your ‘lemon car’ has been fixed or replaced.

What If I Lease A Lemon?

If the car you lease from Flexed ever breaks down or turns out to be a proper ‘lemon’, we’ll normally swap it for another one. If you’re not happy with the make or model chosen, you have the option to try a different one – you don’t necessarily have to stick with that car anymore.

Our 28 day lease contracts include breakdown cover which is one of the many benefits to take advantage of when leasing with us. Your short term lease contract also includes UK road tax, manufacturer warranty, vehicle maintenance and 1,250 miles a month (additional mileages available).

We put our customers first and provide a service that ensures they keep coming back, time and time again!

How Do I Get Started With FLEXED?

If you’ve never leased from us before but need a car to fill the gap whilst your ‘lemon’ issues are being dealt with, you can open an account with us quickly without any hassle.

We’ll simply ask you to fill out the appropriate Business or Personal lease application form and carry out a credit check to ensure your eligibility for vehicle finance, then once you’ve been approved by our own in-house finance department, you’re ready to begin your leasing journey with us, even if it maybe for a brief spell.

All our cars are less than 12 months old, with 85% being less than 6 months old. We change our fleet every six months, so our customers always have the latest models to choose from.

Many of the cars we have available to lease are in stock at point of order, so if you need a car quickly whilst your purchased ‘lemon car’ is out of action, we can have you on the road in no time at all.

The only thing left for you to cover is the insurance (must be a fully comprehensive insurance policy on a lease car) and fuel, then you’re ready to go!



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