BMW launches US car-sharing scheme

Auto manufacturer launches Seattle mobility service with fleet of 370 vehicles

The concept of car-sharing is not a new idea and BMW is not the first auto manufacturer to have introduced a car-sharing scheme (nor is it the first time the brand has tried) however, many people in the car industry are under the impression that BMW’s most recent foray into the growing market will create a fight to the top amongst auto manufacturers.
BMW launched a similar mobility service around six months ago in the US city of San Francisco, however, the scheme got off to a rocky start (due to a lack of interest and government funding) and the German auto marque pulled the plug on its first attempt.
Six months down the line and car-sharing services are gaining in momentum. Mobility services offered by companies such as Uber and Lyft have witnessed a growing interest in their car-sharing services, and it appears that BMW wants to jump on the gravy train before it gets too far ahead.
The auto company has now launched its ReachNow mobility service in Seattle, with BMW board member Peter Schwarzenbauer expected to announce the introduction in three more US cities by the end of 2016. ReachNow customers can choose between a BMW 3 Series, a Mini Cooper or the new BMW i3 city car.
The fleet of 370 Seattle vehicles will be parked on Seattle streets ready for use by residents and visitors at the touch of a button using the ReachNow mobile app. The cars are paid for using an in-built card reading system.
Customers make a once lifetime payment of $39, and thereafter using one of the fleet costs 49 cent per minute (or 30 cents when stationery).
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