What ID Is Required For Personal Car Leasing?

If you’re looking to lease a car for personal use, we must confirm the identity of each customer by asking for different forms of ID and documentation before we can proceed.

This is required as a legal obligation to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and to confirm the identity of all our customers, who may have been tricked by criminals and their identity used without their knowledge.

It is for these reasons why Flexed asks all of our customers, both new and existing, to provide us with different types of documentation, personal information and proof of identity before a lease application can be approved.

What Information Will Be Required?

  • Personal details – number of dependants and marital status.
  • Details of your address – must provide details about where you have lived for the past five years to confirm your identity and to check and verify your credit history and financial details during this timeframe.
  • Details of your employment – must provide employment details for the past three years to show your present income and to confirm your income and expenditure over the period of time.
  • Bank details – this must be the account from which your DD payments will be deducted from every month once your lease application has been approved. It was also show how you manage your accounts and to confirm whether or not you will be able to keep up with the payments.
  • Your monthly income & expenditure – required so that a decision can be made as to whether you can really afford to make the payments.

What ID Is Required For Personal Car Leasing?

Further information may be asked for depending on your circumstances. If at the moment you’re not in full time employment, you’ve been with your current employer for less than three years or you’ve moved house a lot over the past five years, then more information might be asked for to confirm one way or another as to whether you can afford to lease a car or not.



What Documentation Will I Have To Provide?

As soon as your finance application is approved, documentation will have to be provided, including proof of ID and proof of address. Your driving licence or passport can be used to prove your identity, whilst a bank statement or utility bill from the past three months showing your current address will be acceptable proof of address.

A copy of these will be kept for our records and depending on your finance provider, original documents rather than photocopies or scanned copies might be required.

Make sure that your driving licence photo card is up-to-date and if using your passport, this is in date also. Please note that provisional licences are not accepted.

The signature on these documents is used to verify the signature on your lease application, whilst the photo is used to identify that you are who you say you are.

For proof of address, the utility bill must show a date within the past three months. A bank statement, gas or electricity bill (not internet-printed) will be accepted and must show either your full first name or an initial.

Depending on your finance provider, other types of documents may be accepted such as a council tax bill, local council rent card or tenancy agreement, or notification of entitlement to tax credit or state/local authority benefit.

Some documents that will not be accepted as proof of address include insurance papers, water bills, mobile phone bills, landline bills or card statements.

You will be notified as to what physical documentation is required and this may vary depending on your finance provider. Some allow for photocopies to be used for identification but they must be black & white and not altered in any way, whilst others will only accept originals.

The name and address you provide on your lease application must match the name and address shown on the forms of documentation you provide us with to prove your ID.

Further checks and documentation may be required depending on your own individual circumstances.


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