What Happens If I Receive A Speeding Ticket In My Lease Car?

At Flexed, we like to believe that all of our customers keep within the laws of the road when driving around in their lease car or van, however if you do get caught for speeding either by a camera or a police officer, what happens next?

Who Owns The Car?

When you lease a car or van from Flexed, you never own the vehicle and simply pay a monthly amount that enables you to drive the lease car or van of your choice for an agreed period of time. Therefore, it’s the finance provider who remains the registered owner and keeper of your lease car or van for the duration of your chosen lease term and it is they who hold onto the V5C logbook relating to your lease vehicle.


In the UK, there are two ways in which you can be caught speeding – by a speed camera or by a police officer stood on the side of the road pointing a speed gun. If you get caught by the former, a speeding ticket is sent out to the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle within 14 days of the offence occurring.

However, because you are not the registered owner and keeper of your lease vehicle, any speeding tickets or driving penalties will be sent to your finance provider but that doesn’t mean that they’ll pay the fine on your behalf!

What Happens Next?

If your finance provider receives a speeding ticket because you’ve broken the law and been caught in the act whilst driving your lease car or van, they will simply post the speeding ticket onto you so that you can pay it. You may also find that your finance provider charges an administration fee for this service which could cost you a further £25-30 on top of the fine.

What you shouldn’t do once you receive your speeding ticket from your finance provider is ignore it, as doing so could result in the case going to court and may lead to much tougher penalties as a result.

It is very important that all of our customers keep their details with us and their finance provider up-to-date at all times, so that any driving penalties or speeding tickets can be forwarded on to you immediately for you to deal with.

If you change address during your lease term with Flexed, please get in touch by calling 0800 311 8290 so that we can update our records and please remember to inform your finance provider as well, as it is they who will receive the speeding ticket or driving penalty relating to your lease car or van in the event you’re caught breaking the rules of the road.

We hope that every one of our customers stays within the law when driving in their lease car or van from Flexed, however we realise that it’s not always easy.

Our advice is to stay calm when driving and never react to other drivers who may be acting in a selfish way on the road. Always wear your seatbelt and stay within the speed limits to avoid a speeding ticket.

We want our customers to enjoy driving their lease car or van without having to deal with any kind of issues that could spoil the whole experience.

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