Warning: Using your Apple watch whilst behind the wheel could land you in trouble

Using a smartwatch whilst driving could see you fined and issued with penalty points

It looks as though smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK – Apple recently reported selling an unbelievable 16 million of them last year and could sell as many as 24 million in 2018, but what about when it comes to driving and using a smartwatch, do the same rules apply to these as mobile phones?

As some of the latest smartphones now have the ability to take calls, motorists are being made aware of the dangers of using them whilst driving, as a risk of a fine and penalty points could be possible if caught driving without due care and attention or for careless driving due to being distracted.

Last year, tougher driving laws were introduced in the UK for those caught breaking the law, with drivers now risking a £200 fine and six penalty points for using a mobile phone whilst driving.

The same law also applies to smartwatches and could see motorists punished if caught using them whilst behind the wheel.

According to IAM Roadsmart however, offending drivers are more likely to be punished for careless driving, with a spokesman saying: “You would be more likely given a careless driving fixed penalty of £100 plus three points.”

Only if you were involved in a serious accident and proof showed that you were using your smartwatch at the time could you face being hit with a more hefty fine and extra penalty points.
A spokesperson for the road safety charity Brake has recently commented on the dangers of using such devices whilst driving and urges motorists not to take the risk.

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