Volvo developing keyless cars for 2017

Swedish auto manufacturer developing mobile app key technology

Are you one of those people who has the unique ability to lose your car keys just my putting them down on the kitchen worktop? (Just me?). Well, Volvo is developing a new technology which will banish the frantic car key hunt from your life forever.
The Swedish auto manufacturer is developing a new technology which will do away with the conventional car key. Unlike other keyless technologies currently available, the metal key will not be replaced with a fob type contraption but the ‘key’ will be completely eliminated from the unlocking equation.

Volvo developing keyless mobile technology

Volvo developing keyless cars

Instead, one will use a smartphone app which will connect to your automobile via Bluetooth and thus unlock the door as you approach. The vice president of product strategy and vehicle line management at Volvo, Henrik Green, said that the auto firm is “not interested in technology for the sake of technology” but was focused upon making “customers’ lives easier”.
Mr Green added: “Our innovative digital key technology has the potential to completely change how a Volvo can be accessed and shared. Instead of sitting idle in a parking lot the entire day, cars could be used more often and efficiently by whoever the owner wishes.”
Via the mobile app, the owner of a keyless Volvo will have the ability to share their mobile key with anyone else who has the Volvo app. Mr Green further highlighted the potentialities of the keyless technology, including for car-sharing groups and fleet managers.
Volvo will be trialling the keyless car this year and, providing it is successful, a limited number of vehicles will be available with the keyless technology in 2017.
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