Uptake of EV's could increase pressure for energy providers

Demand in energy could jump up 30% by the year 2050

According to the National Grid, the more popular electric vehicles become in the UK, the higher the demand will be on energy providers, with peak demand estimated to jump up 30% by the year 2050.
By looking at new analysis, peak electricity demand could shoot up by 30% over the next thirty or so years, which will create a huge challenge for the industry.
By 2050, it’s estimated that electric cars will account for 90% of all car sales and National Grid foresee peak time electricity demand going up by 18GW, which will indeed be challenging for all energy providers.

Demand in energy could jump up 30% by the year 2050

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The demand for electricity during peak times could be reduced from 18GW to 6GW by way of ‘smart’ charging technology, says the National Grid.
The ‘smart’ technology would enable electric cars to be charged at different times throughout the day, plus cars with existing charge left could contribute to the grid.
Some MPs have voiced their opinions regarding electric vehicles, stating how important it is to act now in anticipation of growth in the uptake of EVs and the impact this will have on the UK’s power infrastructure.
It could be that motorists are drawn towards a specific time during the day to recharge their EV, so it’s especially important that the country charges ‘smart’.
The Government plans to increase the number of public electric car charging points, however the “aesthetics of electric charging points should be taken as a major consideration”.
One idea the minister is thinking about is whether to launch a design competition for the next generation of electric car charging points.
Energy company SSE says that most owners of electric cars tend to charge their vehicle after work, which is during peak energy demand hours. Their company would like to see the introduction of timed electric charging – a “plug-in overnight” system that would help to reduce pressure on energy providers and spread the demand out more evenly during a 24-hour period.
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