Uninsured drivers and where you're most likely to bump into them!

East London claims the top spot as the area in the UK with the most uninsured drivers

A new study carried out by Churchill Car Insurance reveals that motorists in the capital are those most likely to be dodging driver insurance.
According to the Churchill data, over 216,000 motorists in London are driving around without the necessary insurance protection, resulting in higher premiums for those of us who choose not to flout the rules of the road.
Five of the top 10 most affected areas across the UK are in London, however, East London came out on top, with Churchill suggesting that 13.4% of drivers there are uninsured. This is followed by North London at 9.3% and South East London at 9.1%.
Churchill and collaborator, the Motor Insurance Bureau, believe that over one million UK drivers are not covered by insurance.
This seems to tally with the figures from the Department for Transport which show that approximately 10% of motor collisions involving injuries result in a driver leaving the scene, known as ‘hit-and-run’.
Churchill’s study suggests there is a 1 in 8 chance of being involved in a road collision with an uninsured driver in East London.
This is compared to a one in 13 chance in Liverpool, which features fourth on the top 10 list, and a one in 14 chance in Manchester, which is sixth on the list.
Despite not featuring in the top 10 list of areas most affected by uncovered motorists, the study claims that, in absolute terms of uninsured vehicles by location, the city of Birmingham is top, with a total of 55,142 uninsured automobiles on the road.
Mark Chiappino, from Churchill Car Insurance, said: “We are calling for a greater recognition of the risks of uninsured motoring in the UK and far tougher penalties for those convicted of this offence.”
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