The UK locations where vehicles more often fail the MoT

Dundee and the Isle of Man come out on top at opposite ends of the spectrum

The vehicle management firm Automyze, owned by the AA, has carried out research to find the top 10 places across Britain which have the worst and the best MoT pass rates.
The researchers used the MoT details of AA members who owned vehicles registered in the UK. The MoT (Ministry of Transport) test was first introduced by the Ministry of Transport in 1960 to ensure all auto vehicles met the road safety and environmental standards of the time.

MoT fail rates is highest in Dundee

Cars in Dundee more often fail their MoT than anywhere else in the UK

Initially, vehicles being driven on UK roads had to be tested 10 years after their first registration and then every year thereafter.
Today, the MoT test procedure is more complex than back in the 60s, when only basic components were tested. Now vehicles must first undergo an MoT test three years after its first registration and then every year thereafter. Driving a vehicle without a valid MoT certificate can incur a fine of up to a £1,000.
According to the research by Automyze, automobiles in Dundee have the poorest track record for passing the MoT test. The results show that 53.5% of the vehicles tested in Dundee failed their initial MoT test. Many were due to minor issues or faults with types, indicators or headlights.
The research found that nine out of the 10 places for highest fail rates, were in Scotland and in the South West of England, with Hull in Yorkshire the remainder, with a 48.3% fail rate.
However, Isle of Man inhabitants must take very good care of their vehicles, as it was here where cars had the best MoT pass rate; with 71.8% passing on the first annual test.
The Isle of Man was followed by the London Boroughs of Enfield and Sutton, which both had a fail rate of 37.3%.
Lucy Burnford, the director of Automyze, commented on the results: “There could be a number of reasons why MoT failure rates are higher in Dundee, from the length of time people own their cars to the types of vehicle they own.”
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