The UK electric car market increased in 2015 by 65%

A healthy number of EV options available if you’re on the look out!

The automobile industry is beginning to make a serious leap into the electric vehicle (EV) market, with a number of well known car manufacturers already selling electric vehicles, whilst others are in the process of development, such as Nissan and Porsche.
The UK government is extremely eager for electric vehicles to eventually become the number one choice for motorists.
Drivers who purchase a brand new electric vehicle in the UK, are eligible for a £4,500 grant towards the cost and will be exempt from paying for road tax.
The government hopes that by 2050, every new car that is sold in the UK will be zero emission.
For many, the idea of purchasing a new EV at the moment might be questionable, as some do suggest that the electric vehicle infrastructure in the UK is not as advanced as it should be.
For those interested in purchasing a new electric vehicle, there’s a respectable number of choices already available, from luxury saloons, to cheaper alternatives suitable for nipping around town.
The sale of EV’s in the UK is beginning to grow very quickly. It was reported by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders that in 2015, the electric vehicle market saw a 65% increase compared to last year.
The price of EV’s is continuing to drop and the number of charging stations is increasing, with new fast-charge points cropping up all over the country.
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