The Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars For 2020

Our Favourite Hybrid Cars To Lease & Drive!


Wondering whether to lease a hybrid car? If so, the following guide showing you the best hybrid cars currently on the market today should be a huge help when deciding which one to go for.

Once over, it was the vehicle of choice for eco-warriors and Uber drivers who cover thousands of miles – thanks to the hybrid boasting plenty of power, being super efficient and ‘green’ all in one package.

But what is a hybrid car and how does it work? This is a common question amongst motorists looking to ‘go greener’ and one we hope can be answered in such a way that leaves you having more of an understanding before making that leap.

Basically, a hybrid car uses more than one means of propulsion – a combination of a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor and a battery. The two main advantages with a hybrid are that it should consume less fuel and emit less CO2 compared to your conventional diesel or petrol-engined car.

There are three different kinds of hybrids, all of which work in their own particular way. The most common type of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is known as a Parallel Hybrid which can be powered directly from the engine, by just the electric motor on its own or via both sources working simultaneously.

The second type of hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is called a Range Extender, which only uses their conventional engine to produce electricity for a generator that then recharges the batteries. This means the engine never drives the car, only producing energy for the electric motor.

The last option is known as a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) and this type of vehicle can be plugged into an external source of electric power to recharge its batteries or can be charged on the go.

So to put it simply, you can choose from either a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), with the latter allowing you to recharge the battery by plugging it into an external source of electric power, as well as through its on-board engine and generator. Unlike an electric vehicle (EV), hybrid cars don’t rely on having to keep charging them up when the battery becomes low, so you don’t need to worry about having to find a charging point on a journey as hybrids charge up their own batteries.

However, if an electric car is something you’ve considered whilst looking at hybrids, you can take a look at our Top 10 Best Electric cars in 2020 article.

The most popular hybrid car ever is the Toyota Prius, which launched in Japan back in 1997 is a good example of a Parallel Hybrid. Since then, a lot more hybrid cars have come to market in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so there’s an option for every type of driver to choose from – the hybrid car really has come a long way in just 20 years!

In the following guide, we’re giving you the low-down on what we believe are 10 of the best hybrid cars to choose from in 2020 (in no particular order). There’s a hybrid car to suit every type of driver, as we’ve covered budget, taste and requirements to give you a complete understanding of what’s out there, which will hopefully help you to make up your own mind.

Our Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars for 2020:

1. Toyota Prius – a cool looking hybrid with plenty of space inside, offering super efficiency. It boasts a big boot, has lots of tech and drives unexceptionally smoothly around town whilst not being too bad either when driven down country lanes or on the motorway.

For fuel economy, the Toyota Prius is up there as one of the best. It’s also available as a Plug-In Hybrid too.

2. MINI Countryman Plug-In – it looks great as well as being fun to drive and is cheap to run. The Countryman Plug-In Hybrid has a roomy interior and comes with plenty of features as standard such as Rear Parking Distance Control (PDC), Sat. Nav with Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI), Apple CarPlay®, Bluetooth Connectivity and so much more..

It can do 26 miles in electric mode without producing any local CO2 emissions. The switch from eDrive to petrol is smooth and fully automated and because it’s a Plug-In hybrid, you can charge on the go.

3. Kia Niro – a family-sized hybrid SUV that comes well-equipped with modern features and is very easy to drive. There’s plenty of space in the back, so no issues for tall people and the boot is generous in size.

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It offers a smooth drive and handles well. The Niro is also available as a Plug-In Hybrid, so you can charge whilst out and about too.

We have a number of Kia Niro hybrid models available to lease here at Flexed, including the Kia Niro ‘2’ 1.6 GDi Hybrid Auto from £389.99 excl. VAT per month and the Kia Niro 1.6 GDi PHEV Hybrid ‘3’ 5dr Auto from £469.99 excl. VAT based on a 28 day rolling contract, both of which are available to order NOW.

4. Hyundai Ioniq – available as a regular hybrid (with a combined electric and petrol motor) or as a Plug-In (with a longer electric driving range). It’s a good looking car that would make the ideal family runaround.

The Ioniq comes packed with every modern features imaginable such as reversing camera, DAB Radio, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging for your mobile phone and lots more..

5. Volvo XC90 T8 – in electric mode only, the XC90 offers 25 miles but you can switch modes to gain better efficiency, as combined you can average around 100 MPG.

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Volvo XC90 2.0 T8 Inscription Pro 5dr AWD Auto – In Stock NOW from £969.99 excl. VAT per month!

The XC90 is a stunning looking car with 7 seats, so plenty of room for all the family to enjoy a comfortable ride. There’s a large infotainment system where you control most of the features which includes Front and Rear Park Assist, Rear Park Assist Camera, Sensus Navigation – European Mapping and so much more..

The Volvo XC90 2.0 T8 R Design Pro 5dr AWD Auto and the Volvo XC90 2.0 T8 Inscription Pro 5dr AWD Auto are both in stock and ready to order NOW from Flexed. Starting from £949.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – call TODAY for a quote on 0800 311 8290.

6. Toyota Yaris Hybrid – it’s the only hybrid supermini currently available and offers great economy, with 58 miles per gallon (mpg). The seats are comfortable and there’s plenty of room in the front and back, so tall adults will have nothing to worry about.

The Yaris has low emissions, dropping to just 84mg depending on the spec you opt for. The touch screen infotainment system offers plenty of features such as a reversing camera and parking sensors, plus there’s different driving modes to modify for efficiency.

7. Honda CR-V Hybrid – it’s responsive, smooth and efficient. The i-MMD (intelligent Multi Mode Drive) system decides how to use fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way, meaning there’s no need for the driver to adjust between the three driving modes which are Electric Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.

With a Hybrid, you don’t need to look for charging stations whilst out and about, as the engine continually charges the battery whilst it’s running – just remember to fill up with petrol still!

8. Range Rover Sport P400e – a refined and comfortable PHEV with a luxurious interior, offering low CO2 emissions. It produces nearly 400bhp from a combination of a 2.0-litre petrol engine and electric motor. The P400e is spirited and feels quick on the road, with the potential of notable running costs thanks to a 31-mile electric range.

You can lease the Range Rover Sport P400e HSE Dynamic Auto at Flexed from £1499.99 excl. VAT per month. There’s Limited Stock Available, so call NOW to order yours – 0800 311 8290.

9. BMW 330e – a plug-in hybrid saloon that will allow you to drive for up to 25 miles on EV power alone. The BMW i Wallbox Connect allows you to recharge to 80% in just 2.4 hours.

The combination of BMW’s electric motor and TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine puts this hybrid in a league of its own. Currently, it offers the driver a combined range of 372 miles and a 0 to 62mph acceleration of 6.5 seconds.

10. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – perfect for both families and businesses alike. It offers ultra-low CO2 emissions: 40G/KM (NEDC), 28 miles EV range (WLPT), low running costs and advanced 4WD technology.

The Outlander PHEV is responsive and powerful, yet ultra-efficient and smooth, whilst the overall look is very pleasing to the eye. It seats five comfortably, has a huge boot and boasts a high level of features.


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