Spooky UK Street Names – Too Scary To Drive Down This Halloween! ⚰️

Or Do You Dare to Drive Your Lease Car Along ‘Cemetery Lane’ this October?


With Halloween just a couple of weeks away, we thought now might be just the right time to let our customers know about the number of spooky street names we have here in the UK, so you can choose whether or not to avoid driving or walking down them on 31 October!

We’ve celebrated Halloween for years and years, with children all over the country looking forward to dressing up in the most scariest of costume before heading out with family and friends onto the streets, knocking at neighbour’s doors saying the words ‘Trick or Treat’, hoping for the latter so they don’t have to perform any spells on anyone!

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But what about those who live close to one of the streets with a scary name, do they dare to knock on doors down Cemetery Lane or Ghost House Lane or do they avoid them because they’re too frightened… would you dare?

I suppose it depends on why these streets were given such a scary name in the first place – are they based on spooky goings-on in the past or have they simply become scary to us because of our wild imaginations.

Well, according to Historian Dr James Willoughby at Oxford University, whilst these street names may appear scary to us, they probably weren’t made-up with the intention to be scary.

“Place-names derive usually from Old English words that were descriptive of the landscape the settlement sits in. They may look like modern words, but that’s because they have changed their shape over the centuries,” said Dr Willoughby.

However, Gallows Hill in Lancaster, Lancashire, (not on the list) is where the Pendle witches were hanged, so you might want to stay away from Gallows Hill in Warwick just in case!

Below is a list showing 20 of the spookiest street names in the UK, so now you know, it’s up to you whether you dare to drive down them in your new/brand new lease car from Flexed on 31 October or not!

Top 20 Spooky Street Names in the UK:

  1. Elm Street – Middleton, Manchester
  2. Ghost House Lane – Beeston, Nottingham
  3. Blood Hill – Somersham, Ipswich
  4. Ducking Stool Court – Romford
  5. Broomstick Lane – Chesham
  6. Cemetery Lane – Westerfield, Ipswich
  7. Warlock Road – Paddington, London
  8. Dark Lane – Bedworth
  9. Devil’s Dyke Road – Brighton
  10. Hell Lane – Wakefield
  11. Witches Walk – Bridgwater
  12. Stake Lane – Farnborough
  13. Hallow Road – Worcester
  14. Bats Lane – Winterbourne St Martin, Dorset
  15. Gallows Hill – Warwick
  16. Dead Lane – Ardleigh, Colchester
  17. Headless Cross Drive – Redditch
  18. Crucifix Lane – Camberwell
  19. Black Cat Drive – Northampton
  20. Hanging Hill Lane – Brentwood, Essex

So, you’ve been warned and now know the scariest street names in the UK! If you’re looking to lease a car from Flexed this October, we’ve got a frighteningly superb range of new/brand new cars to choose from at spooktacular low prices – call 0800 311 8290 NOW or email: talk@flexed.co.uk to find out more.



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