Six out of 10 diesel car owners say they'll stick with their vehicle

Many believe ‘greener’ alternatives are too pricey and can’t afford to make the change

Last week, the UK announced a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2040 but despite this revelation, six out of 10 diesel car owners have said they’ll stick with their vehicle for now.
According to a poll carried out with the help of 2,000 motorists, 64% of diesel car owners said they had no intention of trading in their vehicle for a ‘greener’ model, not unless a scrappage scheme is put in place by the Government.
Of those questioned as part of the survey, 83% believed that ‘greener’ electric and hybrid vehicles are much too costly, with two out of five saying they couldn’t afford to trade in their diesel car for such a vehicle.
Over half of them still think that politicians will change their mind further down the line regarding diesel.

Many believe 'greener' alternatives are too pricey and can't afford to make the change

Six out of 10 diesel car owners say they’ll stick with their vehicle © Copyright John Winder and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

The Government is looking at ways to improve air pollution in the country and diesel drivers, particularly those who run an old diesel model, could be targeted in the not too distant future, possibly being charged extra costs in a bid to crackdown on the problem.
Some diesel owners are already paying the price for their choice of vehicle, with Islington charging £96 extra for resident parking permits, whilst Westminster has increased their hourly parking rates in some areas by 50% for diesel vehicles dated before 2015.
As of October this year, London’s T-Charge will come into force, plus a scrappage scheme for older diesel cars is under consideration.
A tax surcharge on diesel models is also up for discussion, with low emission zones possibly being introduced throughout the country by 2019.
Diesel car owners are in for an expensive ride if they continue to stick with their vehicle rather than ditching it for something more environmentally friendly.
However, according to Fair Fuel UK, most of the owners of the seven million pre-2008 diesel cars still on our roads are seemingly owned by those on a lower income, who are less likely to be able to afford to make the switch.
Of those taking part in the survey, 54% still believed that diesel cars could end up back in favour within three years, so one in five said they’d hold onto their diesel for now, whilst 24% think that a diesel tax will never happen.
A staggering 70% had no idea there was a Government plug-in car scheme available to help motorists make the change.
According to carwow, they’ve noticed a 20% drop off in enquiries regarding new diesel cars so far this year.
Sales of diesel cars have dropped off over the past few months in the UK. In June, new diesel car sales dropped by nearly 15%, as worries over possible surcharges continue.
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