Shocking survey reveals dangerous driver habits

92% of drivers admit to being guilty of bad habits while behind the wheel, a recent survey has revealed.
In a recent survey of UK drivers, a staggering 92% admitted to indulging themselves in bad, and potentially dangerous, driving habits.
The survey of 2864 drivers, commissioned by does nothing to ease the concerns of road safety advocates, with the lack of concentration precipitated by these bad habits threatening to lead to more accidents.
45% of women who participated in the survey admitted to fixing their hair or makeup while on the road, and 74% of men said they could be found picking their nose while driving.
36% of women admitted to regularly driving without shoes, while 12% of all participants said they regularly smoked a cigarette while driving.
Speaking in light of the findings, Jonathan Ratcliffe, Commercial Director at said:
“It looks like the roads may be a more treacherous place than anybody really imagined.
“I’m surprised at the sheer numbers of people who openly admitted to the dangerous habits they practice while on the road.
“I’m definitely going to be more vigilant the next time I head out in my car. With drivers practising so many drivers practising bad habits, anybody could fly at you.”
The full findings of the survey (2864 people) are:
92% of all participants admitted to having bad driving habits.
74% of men admitted picking their nose while driving.
45% of women said they fussed over their appearance, putting on makeup or fixing their hair.
36% of all participants admitted to eating or drinking while driving.
24% of women surveyed confessed to driving without shoes.
15% of men said they drove through amber lights instead of stopping.
12% of those surveyed admitted to smoking while driving.
8% of all participants admitted to spitting out of the window while driving.

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