Please drive carefully over the festive period

New figures claim December is a bad month for write-off’s

According to newly released figures from Churchill insurance, December might be the month full of Christmas spirit and cheer but it’s also one of the worst month’s for car write-off’s.
Over 34,000 cars were written off last December in the UK, however it’s not quite the worst month of the year for write-off’s, as November and January have more.
Churchill said that out of the total number of wrote-off cars, more than 300 were classed as too damaged to be able to get back on the road because the incident occurred on Christmas Day.
Poor weather conditions and a higher volume of traffic are to blame for the increase in write-off’s during the festive month of December, which also included over 900 reported cases occurring on Christmas Eve last year.

Please drive carefully over the festive period

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This year Christmas Day falls on a Monday, so Friday 22 December, or ‘Frantic Friday’ as it’s now been named, is expected to be the day when we see a high volume of traffic on the roads up and down the country.
As a result, Churchill believes our highways could possibly be more dangerous than usual during the build-up to Christmas Day, as Friday’s the day when the most write-off’s happen throughout the year.
According to their findings, 17% of write-off’s that occurred in 2016 happened on a Friday.
In 2016, a total of 371,820 cars were written off and of these, 105,576 were classed as too damaged to be allowed back on the road.
It’s been predicted by the RAC that most car journeys will occur on Christmas Eve, with 1.87 million cars expected to be travelling up and down the country visiting friends and family.
Friday (today) however is when we expect to see the worst delays, as millions of drivers finish early at work and fight for space on the roads on the last week day before Christmas. Around 1.25 millions cars are predicted to be on the road on ‘Frantic Friday’, however most of these will be travelling between the hours of 4pm and 8pm.
According to the RAC, 11.5 leisure trips will be made this week by people in their cars but this figure will rise sharply the following week when 17.5 million motorists are expected to take to the roads to buy for the New Year celebrations and make the most of after Christmas sales.
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