Our Top 5 Best Cars For Dogs In 2021

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We’re a nation of dog lovers here in the UK and wherever we go, our furry friend wants to come too and that often includes jumping in the car with us. Of course, if you do have a four-legged friend who loves coming on journey’s with you, it’s worth considering which car would work best for your needs and ‘Fido’s as well, so when choosing your new lease car from Flexed, we recommend thinking about your pet pooch and what kind of car is going to provide the safest and most comfortable ride.

Here’s a number of points to consider when looking for a pet-friendly new lease car:

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Space – how much room is inside the car should be a priority when looking for the right vehicle to carry your pets in. Either opt for a car that offers 60/40 split rear seats or choose one with a large space in the back that’s big enough to hold a dog cage, where your pet pooch can travel in safety.

Boot Size – dog guards are a popular choice with pet owners, as they keep your dog separated from the rest of the car, keeping them safely in the boot. For this to work properly, it’s best to choose a car with a big boot that’s offers easy accessibility and has enough space for your dog to move around and feel comfortable.

Low Loading Sills – this features on many new cars and makes it easier for your dog to jump in and out of the car without having to be lifted. If your dog is getting older or suffers with any kind of ailments that affects their agility, low loading sills on a car are a blessing.

Easy To Clean – pet owners know how difficult it is to keep dog smells, stains and fur from spoiling the seats in cars and often use plastic covers to protect them, which you can buy for not a lot of money but you could consider checking out vehicles that use easy clean materials on the seats which will help keep the interior fresh and make the whole cleaning process easier to manage.

Comfort – choosing a car that offers a smooth ride is not only good for you as the driver and your passengers but also ensures your pet stays calm and relaxed on a long journey. A car that’s light on steering, has soft suspension and a raised driving position will ensure a comfortable ride for your furry friend.

Our Top 5 Best Cars For Dogs In 2021:

1. Skoda Superb Estate – this smart-looking car has a huge 660-litre boot with a low boot floor, making it perfect for dogs. The front passenger seat can be moved forward, so a dog cage could be fitted into the space. It’s available in two or four-wheel drive. Skoda also offers a wide range of dog safety features such as a dog guard, dog seatbelt adaptor, backseat hammock and a protective boot liner, all to help make sure your lovable pooch enjoys a safe and happy ride.

2. Volvo V90 – has a generous square shaped boot space for your furry friend to feel comfortable on a journey. Volvo offers a fantastic range of pet friendly options to choose from including a dog harness, dog guard and load liner to ensure ‘Fido’ is restrained the safest was possible whilst on a journey. As we all know, Volvo are big on safety, so you instantly feel like you’re in a car that’s going to get you and your dog to your destination in the safest way possible.

Here at Flexed, we have a number of V90 models to choose from including the Volvo V90 2.0 B5D Cross Country 5dr AWD Auto from £629.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract and in stock NOW – please click here to see them all.

3. Volkswagen Tiguan – a boot with enough space for your dog to enjoy a calm journey whatever size they may be. A dog cage will fit easily or a divider will keep your dog safely in the back, whilst a boot liner ensures the back stays clean.

4. Ford Kuga SUV – this smart-looking car is 4.5 metres long, so there’s plenty of space inside for everyone, including the family dog. The rear seats split 60/40, providing more flexibility, so when folded down there’s a whopping 1,928-litres of space. A wide range of pet safety accessories are available from Ford, including Travall+ dog guards that are easy to fit. Light electric power steering and tweaked suspension makes the Kuga a pleasure to drive and be a passenger in – and that includes the pet pooch.

5. Land Rover Discovery – a large 5-seater SUV that will easily fit a large dog crate in the back with ease. The panoramic roof provides extra natural light, making the inside feel more spacious.

You can lease a new Land Rover Discovery from Flexed, with prices starting from £899.99 excl. VAT per month for the Land Rover Discovery 3.0 SDV6 306 HSE Commercial Auto – in stock NOW!


Before setting off on any journey with your furry friend/s on board, make sure they’re restrained correctly and feel comfortable in their surroundings.



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