Our Top 10 Best Songs For A Great Road Trip

Create Your Very Own Playlist To Drive To This Summer!


I love music and listen to my favourite songs every day and I’m guessing many of you do too? Listening to great tunes makes us feel happy and can lift our spirits when a little sad, so it’s fair to say that music plays an important role in most of our lives.

Whatever genre of music you enjoy listening to, whether it be indie, classical, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, hip hop, folk, soul music or so on  – we’ve now got millions of songs at our fingertips thanks to the internet.

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Create your very own playlist for a road trip this Summer – one that will stay in your memory forever!

When I was in my teens (sadly many years ago), all we had was Top of the Pops every week on the television and the Top 20 on the radio to listen to the songs of the moment. I spent most of my pocket money on blank cassettes, so that I could record my favourite songs and listen to them later on my cassette player – how lucky you are today that you don’t have to go through all this just to listen to current songs and of course, you never had the opportunity to find so many new songs from bands you’ve never even heard of!

The internet has given us various platforms that allow us to find, listen and download as many song as we like, to play at home, in the office or on the go. Thanks to modern technology, we can now listen to our very own favourite playlists from wherever we are, even in our cars.

One thing to bear in mind though when playing music on a journey, is not to play it too loud so as to disturb other people around you. If you stop for a period of time with your windows down, you might want to lower the sound.

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be punished for playing loud music whilst you’re driving along, as any disturbance to others will be for a short period. However, if police officers notice that you’re clearly distracted by the music, they could pull you over and punish you for careless driving, possibly leading to a £100 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence.

With that said, our Top 10 Best Songs For A Great Road Trip list includes a number of old favourites that must be played at the highest volume possible – you can’t listen to ‘Born To Run’ by The Boss with the sound turned down low can you!

This groovy list does include some personal favourites that I believe are ideal driving songs but of course, my taste in music will most probably be different to yours – see what you think!

Our Top 10 Best Songs For A Great Road Trip:

1. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

A true classic from ‘The Boss’ that has to be played loud. Mr Springsteen has been delivering fantastic music to our ears since the mid 70s and released his latest album ‘Letter To You’ in 2020.

2. Tom Cochrane – Life Is A Highway

From the Canadian’s second studio album ‘Mad Mad World’ (1991), this song is a true rock anthem that most certainly deserves its place on the list – go on, crank it up and sing along!

3. The Killers – Caution

From their sixth studio album, Caution is a super-catchy song by the American rock band, who’ve been around now for 20 years. The song features a guitar solo by the wonderful Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac fame.

4. Royal Wood – California Nights

Yet another Canadian musician to appear on our list, John Royal Wood Nicholson has so far released eight studio albums, three EPs and one live record which was released this year. This super catchy song features on his 2018 album titled ‘Ever After The Farewell’.

5. Boston – More Than A Feeling

In my opinion, one of the best rock songs to have ever been written and can only be played on full volume. It was released way back in September 1976 and took the founder of Boston, Tom Scholz, five years to complete – as they say, you can’t rush perfection!

6. Reno Bo – Another Country

A fantastic songwriter, musician and producer who was born in New York and now based in Nashville. This awesome song appears on his first compilation album called ‘Flashback to the Future’ which was released on 16 July 2021.

7. Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69

Amazingly, the Canadians now have three musicians featured on our list! This one by the incredibly talented Mr Adams, is an up-tempo rock song that you can’t help but sing along and groove to. It was released back in June 1985 and continues to appear on most “Best of” lists complied by various music publications and critics.

8. Keane – On The Road

A well-loved British alternative rock band from Battle in East Sussex that were formed in 1995, with all four members meeting at the same school.

They are my favourite band ever, so I’ve probably included this song for that reason but I do think it’s a great song for a road trip and hopefully one you’ll grow to love just as much as I do!

9. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

A song that’s been described as the “perfect rock song” and I have to agree, however I must confess to having never heard the song until I watched the last episode of the hit TV show, The Soprano’s and instantly fell in love with it!

Apparently, it’s the best selling digital track from the 20th century and no wonder – it’s brilliant!

10. Don Henley – Boys of Summer

A cracking song that was released in 1984 by Eagles vocalist and drummer Don Henley, who wrote the lyrics to the song, whilst the music was composed by Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

So go one, make your very own playlist to enjoy on a road trip this summer and get your singing voices ready – it will transform your long and boring journey into a memorable and special moment in your life that you’ll treasure forever!



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