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A luxury car is a special vehicle that offers the driver and passengers an increased level of comfort, performance, equipment, style and status compared to other cars on the road but for a higher price.

In order to be classed as luxury, they need to be super comfortable in the front and back, offer a silky smooth ride, be pleasant and easy to drive whilst feeling refined and the performance should stand out from most other cars.

The interior should be ultra luxurious, with high levels of in-car technology and infotainment a must, whilst connectivity systems have to be included for those who use their luxury car as a mobile office.

When you think of luxury cars, the one brand that comes to mind straight away is Rolls-Royce and that’s because they epitomise everything that a luxury car should be – they’re stylish, luxurious, spacious and prestigious, a car that’s considered to be the very best in its class.

In our Top 10 Best Luxury Cars list for 2021, you’ll find cars that are incredibly comfortable, great to drive and for many people, a fantastic car to be driven around in. You’ll also discover one car in the list that’s available at Flexed on a short term lease and that’s the extremely popular Range Rover.

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Now, here’s our very own list showing 10 of the best luxury cars on our roads in 2021 and there’s some real beauties amongst them:

1.  Mercedes-Benz S-Class – a stunning luxury saloon car that has everything a car in this class should have. It’s stylish, comfortable, spacious and great to drive.

2.  Range Rover – described as a luxury car first and 4×4 second, the Range Rover oozes class. It’s big but beautiful, offering the best driving position, excellent seats and despite its size, is easy to drive.

3.  Audi e-tron Quattro – a superbly quiet, comfortable and refined electric car from Audi. Complete with state-of-the-art technology, this splendid offering from one of the biggest car brands in the world, is most definitely a luxury car you’d be happy to drive or be driven around in.

4.  Tesla Model S – a stylish electric saloon car that’s spacious inside, offers a quiet ride and has massive cargo space too. 

5.  Audi A8 – another luxurious car from Audi that offers a smooth ride and is easy to drive. It looks good on the road and has most definitely earned its place in our top 10 best luxury cars for 2021.

6.  BMW 7 Series – a beautiful saloon car that carries the prestigious BMW logo, which automatically tells you that its something special. It boasts pioneering infotainment and convenience features within a car that appeals to true drivers.

7.  Jaguar XJ – they’ve been producing an XJ saloon since 1968 and their most recent version hints at a more sporty look with its sleek lines. The cabin is stylish and more dramatic in comparison to anything the German’s make, yet falls short when it comes to material quality and interior technology.

8.  BMW X7 – the oversized grille is something you’ll either love or hate but you can’t deny its competence or its overall completeness as a luxury car. It’s a large 7 seater that handles surprisingly well, cornering with true athleticism.

9.  BMW 6 Series Gran Tourismo – a large five-door hatchback that boasts a well-appointed, comfy and upmarket interior, with plenty of room for four people to enjoy a pleasant journey. 

10.  Lexus LS – the latest version is more stylish, offering an interior that’s both modern and luxurious. The LS is sleek and feels/drives like an executive car should.



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