Our Top 10 Best Large Vans In 2020

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We see more large vans than any other size on UK roads & motorways and that’s because they’re the backbone of many businesses, carrying everything from parcels to work equipment to pallet deliveries and everything in between.

Basically, if you have a lot of stuff to move around, either to take to your next job or for delivery from A to B, then a large van is probably the answer.

A large van typically can handle a 3.5-tonne (3.5t) payload and comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with various body styles on offer and engine choices to pick from. This size of van is the biggest van you can drive on a standard UK car driving licence, unless you passed your test before January 1997, then you might possibly be allowed to drive a larger, heavier vehicle weighing up to 7.5 tonnes.

You can choose from short wheelbase (SWB) and long wheelbase (LWB) variants as well as a choice of roof heights, so depending on what you need a large van for, you can pretty much pick a van that’s built specifically with you and your requirements in mind.

The large vans you see on the roads today have come a long way in recent years, with many models now much easier to drive and feeling more like a car, with plenty of safety features, technology and aids on hand to provide a more comfortable ride.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Iveco Daily and the Ford Transit, as we see them in huge numbers on our roads keeping the nation running but there’s so many more to choose from today as you’ll see in our Top 10 Best Large Vans In 2020 list (in no particular order).

Our ‘Commercial’ page on the Flexed website is where you can find all the latest vans we have in stock and ready to lease from small, medium and large sized vans to pickups.

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You can experience the latest commercial vehicle with a short term lease based on a minimum 28-day lease contract and available to rent short term from anywhere between 1 to 6 months or onwards. Contracts are available with insurance (at an additional cost), breakdown cover and vehicle maintenance.

UK road tax, manufacturer warranty and 15,000 miles per annum (calculated on a pro-rate daily basis) is also included as part of your contract – the mileage can be changed to meet your needs.

Our Top 10 Best Large Vans In 2020:

1.  Iveco Daily – a great choice for fleet operators looking for a van to use day after day. This van has been around for years and continues to prove popular thanks to its size, as well as the fact that it was given an update last year, making it more efficient without compromising on payload weights or volumes.

Safety technology has also been improved, with adaptive cruise, emergency city breaking, hill descent, lane assist and crosswind control all being added to the package.

2.  Peugeot Boxer – this van offers great visibility from the driving seat, plenty of storage points in the cabin and loads of room in the back for carrying large, heavy loads on a daily basis.

The Boxer boasts fantastic positioning and parking, with a tight turning circle and notably agile handling.

3.  Renault Master – available with 4 wheelbase lengths and 3 roof heights to choose from, the Master is a large van worth considering.

New updates have arrived recently, giving the Master some more car-like touches for the driver and passengers to enjoy. For urban deliveries, there’s now the Master ZE to choose, offering zero emissions.

4.  Ford Transit – one of the UK’s most popular large vans – perfect for work use and constantly updated to keep it looking and feeling fresh.

It’s a great van to drive and has recently been updated with SYNC3 voice-controlled touchscreen sat-nav available on top-spec versions.

5.  Vauxhall Movano – to help keep it competitive, the Movano received an update in 2019, improving the technology.

The usual range of wheelbases, lengths and heights are available, so there’s a Movano panel van to suit every kind of carrying need.

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6.  Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – recommended for large businesses or private individuals looking for a large van to haul heavy goods, the Sprinter is one of the best large vans on the market today and has been a popular choice here in the UK for many years.

You can lease the Mercedes-Benz 314CDI Sprinter High Roof van at Flexed from £599.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – in stock NOW, call 0800 311 8290 to order yours!

Standard features with this van include crosswind assist, twin passenger seat (seating up to 3 in the cabin), full-width partition, speedtronic speed limiter and cruise control, USB and AUX-in sockets and so much more..

7.  Citroen Relay – pretty much the same van as the Peugeot Boxer, just a different badge on the front.

There’s four lengths in three wheelbases and three roof heights to choose from. The cabin is fairly basic but functional and roomy enough for three people to sit comfortably.

8.  Fiat Ducato – a large van with a maximum cargo volume of up to 17 cubic metres, whilst payloads are available up to 2.2 tonnes.

The Ducato uses its own Fiat engines, with a choice of 2.0 115 Multijet or 2.2 Multijet in 130, 150 or 180 guises. Also, the 150 version is available as an Ecojet, offering additional fuel saving tech, plus there’s an electric conversion available if you prefer.

9.  Volkswagen Crafter – winner of the International Van of the Year title in 2017, the Crafter has a refined 2.0-litre engine and is available with front, rear or four-wheel drive.

It boasts one of the biggest load carriers in the large van segment, with a gigantic 18.4 cubic metres possible from the very largest models. Safety equipment is fantastic and includes rear traffic assistance, lane-keeping assistance and side assistance.

10.  Maxus (LDV) V80 – available as a Low Roof SWB, Medium Roof LWB or High Roof LWB, the load area ranges from 6.9-11.4 cubic metres which ever one you choose.

For short runs, the all-electric EV80 might be a better option, as the V80 has a clunky, manual gearbox that’s somewhat noisy.



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