New research predicts the end of the car showroom

According to a new report, we’ll be buying, selling and part-exchanging our vehicles online by 2020

According to new research, visits to the car showroom will soon be a thing of the past, as more and more people will choose to buy their vehicle from the comfort of their own home, via their mobile phone.
New research predicts that people will be buying, selling or part-exchanging their vehicle remotely by the year 2020, a prediction that sadly, could see the end of the traditional car dealership.
According to the new research, over half of the UK’s franchised dealer networks already provide customers with a personalised streaming service. However, video experts believe that this service will become the norm by 2020 for the whole buying and selling practice.

Car showrooms will become a thing of the past, according to new research

Car showrooms will become a thing of the past, according to new research

The automotive video specialist group, CitNOW, published their report this month and are responsible for this latest prediction.
CitNOW supported the improvements made to mobile phone software to help transform the way people buy and sell their vehicles, stating that super-fast 5G technology will speed up the move away from having to visit the car showroom.
Rather than having to visit our local car showroom, we will be viewing and composing our next new car on-line but the idea of a virtual test drive still remains exactly that, for now!
In its report, CitNOW says that around 75% of people will watch a video review of the car they are interested in, before they go to their local car dealership and they predict that the whole process will, in the very near future, be carried out via live video calling.
According to CitNOW, the whole process, which includes choosing your next vehicle, price haggling with the dealer and agreeing on the right part-exchange price, will all be carried out face-to-face via our smartphones.
“Within five years, the entire process of buying a new car, from researching different models to agreeing a price and a specification, will be done remotely. Motorists won’t ever have to visit the showroom, except perhaps to pick up the car they’ve ordered.” says CitNOW CEO, Alistair Horsburgh.
Even though it could mean the end of the car showroom as we know it, it doesn’t mean the end for the car salesman, as dealerships will provide customers with an on-line based service to buy and sell their vehicles.
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