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Affordable Short Term Car Leasing At FLEXED


If you’re interested in leasing a new car but you’re limited to a budget AND you love the idea of short term vehicle leasing, you’ve come to the right place because here at Flexed, we have plenty of cars to choose from that will keep you within your monthly budget AND we specialise in short term car leases.

Our short term car leasing contracts allow you to lease the car of your choice for just a minimum of 28 days and after which it’s entirely up to you what happens next – return the vehicle, lease for longer or swap to another model or make, with no additional charges to pay.

Basically, once the initial 28 days is up, you can swap cars as many times as you like, so if you’re not enjoying driving the car as much as you thought you would, you can simply change it for another one and because it’s a rolling 28 days, you can lease for as long as you want – flexible leasing made easy!

Having a monthly budget for a lease car makes sense, especially if you got other outgoings to consider too. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just what kind of cars we have available to lease for less than £350 and it could be that you’ll be able to drive a much better car than you ever though possible.

What Your Money Will Get You!

Get ready for summer AND stay within your £350 per month budget with a Fiat 500 convertible!

For under £350 a month, you could be driving around in a Fiat 500, so if you love a small car that’s nippy around town, we’ve got you covered. We currently have four different models available that can be leased for less than £350 per month. The Fiat 500 1.0 Mild Hybrid Rock Star 3dr is in stock NOW and ready to lease from £259.99 excl. VAT per month – price based per 28 days or if a convertible appeals to you as the summer heads our way, you might be interested in the Fiat 500C Convertible 1.0 Mild Hybrid Star from £309.99 excl. VAT per month – in stock NOW!

If you love driving a Toyota, we have two Aygo models available for under £350 per month or if you’re looking for something a bit bigger, we have the Skoda Scala – a medium-sized car with plenty of space inside for a comfortable journey. It’s in stock NOW from £349.99 excl. VAT per month and ready to lease TODAY!

The Peugeot 208 Hatchback 1.2 PureTech 100 GT 5dr is a stunning car which you can lease from just £349.99 excl. VAT per month or if you’ve always loved driving a Volkswagen, you could lease the Volkswagen Polo 1.0 EVO 80 Match from £339.99 excl. VAT per month and in stock NOW!

For those interested in leasing a small van, either for personal use or to help with the running of your business, we have two affordable vans that cost less than £350 per month to lease.

FLEXED - short term car & van leases

Lease a small van from FLEXED for under £350 per month!

The Citroen Berlingo 1.5BlueHDi Enterprise 100ps Panel Van is available to lease from as little as £299.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract but hurry, as there’s Limited Stock available.

We also have the Peugeot Partner Long 950 1.5 BlueHDi 100 Professional Van from £349.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – Limited Stock Available, so call 0800 311 8290 NOW to order yours.

So there you have it, a fantastic selection of awesome cars that can be leased from Flexed for less than £350 that will keep you within your monthly budget and don’t forget, that included within your lease contract is UK road tax, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover, vehicle maintenance and 1,250 miles per month (additional mileage available), plus with our new Car Subscription service, Fully Comprehensive car insurance cover can be included (at a cost) – please click here for more details and to see if you qualify.



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Find out more about our car leasing services and fantastic offers for both Business and Personal use. Give us a call today on 0800 311 8290.

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