Mercedes on target for global luxury car sales' top spot

The Daimler AG brand set to sell more cars than Audi and BMW

Mercedes has trailed behind its rival luxury car giants Audi and BMW for many years but new figures for the first quarter of 2016 show Mercedes is on track to sell more of its luxury cars than Audi or BMW.
Three years ago saw the release of the latest S-Class and, more recently, Mercedes has given its complete line-up of cars a makeover and introduced a number of new models. This clever investment has certainly paid off with global sales of Mercedes cars reaching 483,487 during the first quarter of 2016.
The number of sales in the same period for BMW was 478,743 and Audi’s was 455,750, placing Mercedes on target for becoming the best selling luxury car brand in the world for 2016.
Sales for Mercedes have risen by 13%, whilst BMW sales grew 6% and Audi only 4%. March was a huge achievement for Mercedes, as it surpassed the strongest March sales record in the whole of the company’s history.
China has played a large part in the growth of Mercedes sales, with the company doubling the number of dealerships over the past two years there, which has led to a 36% sales increase.
Mercedes is on track to become the premium brand to watch out for in 2016. Sales figures are only from the main marques’ vehicles and the sales of Daimler AG’s Smart vehicles have not been included.
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