Do men with fast cars really have a small manhood?

Anonymous survey find that owners of powerful motors are probably lying

There might be some truth in the saying “Fast car, small manhood”, even if it’s born out of jealousy of people who drive luxury and sports cars.

These are the findings of a UK-wide car leasing company that decided to put one of the more controversial sayings about motoring to the test. company asked sports car drivers AND their partners about the size of their manhoods, and – as expected – they got wildly different answers that tended to suggest that people who buy big, flashy cars are making up for deficiencies in the trouser department.

“Of course drivers are jealous of those who can afford tens of thousands of pounds for a luxury sports car,” said spokesman Mark Hall, “so it’s not surprising that this rumour has done the rounds for years. That’s why we decided to put it to the test. researchers asked over 500 luxury and sports car owners if they considered their manhood to be large, small, or about average. Eliminating results from those who refused to answer:

• Larger than average 30%
• Average 63%
• Smaller than average 7%

Our researchers then asked partners of those who owned luxury and sports car what hey considered their other half’s endowment to be:

• Larger than average 12%
• Average 46%
• Smaller than average 42%

“These results are all rather telling,” said Hall, “but you’ve got to remember that it’s something that most men lie about no matter what kind of car they drive.” also asked the same question a “control group” that consisted of drivers of regular-sized family cars and their partners. The results were surprising:

• Larger than average 26%
• Average 68%
• Smaller than average 6%

And their partners’ opinion:
• Larger than average 23%
• Average 54%
• Smaller than average 23%

“Does this prove that the ‘Fast car, small manhood’ thing has a grain of truth to it?” asks Hall, “The partners results certainly shows that something’s afoot.”

Whatever the survey proves, has probably proved that men all over the country are the most outrageous liars when it comes to their private lives.

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