McLaren looks to boost sales with cheaper models

Cheaper McLaren models are the key to increasing sales

McLaren is looking to increase its car sales by introducing a selection of cheaper sports car models that will appeal to those looking for a luxury car within the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 price range.
For the previous two years, the British auto manufacturer has sold around 1,500 cars annually, but the firm’s chief executive has said that this figure is not sustainable for a company that wants to innovate, develop and invest in new technology.

McLaren to produce cheaper models to increase sales

McLaren Technology Centre

McLaren is now aiming to sell 3,000 sports car in 2016; with a longterm goal of 4,000 auto sales annually in future years to come. The firm has recently announced the creation of 250 new jobs at its Woking factory in anticipation of the increased sales.
The automotive company is the manufacturer of the McLaren P1, which retails for around £2million, and was developed from the firm’s earlier model which is often considered the best supercar ever made, the iconic McLaren F1; so named as it was originally a concept car based upon technology used in Formula One.
The new cheaper McLaren range will include the 540C; this model will retail for around £126,000 and will have a top speed of 199mph. There are rumours circulating that the supercar manufacturer will also reveal a grand touring extension of the cheaper 570S model, which has now sold out and retailed for £136,000.
Mike Flewitt, the chief executive of McLaren, said: “It is economics. You couldn’t just be a P1 company and generate the returns to keep investing in new products.”
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