It's Spider Mating Season… So Watch Out For Them In Your Car! 🕷️

Don’t Get Spooked by One Whilst Driving or You Could Face a Fine or Even a Ban!


Motorists in the UK are being warned about the dangers of reacting to a spider in their vehicle whilst driving, as it could lead to a hefty fine or possibly a ban.

With fall now upon us and cooler temperatures beginning to set in, our eight-legged friends have started to appear in our homes in greater numbers as they prepare for mating season.

Apparently, it’s mainly male spiders that are creeping around looking for a mate, however all species of house spiders here in the UK love nothing more than a warm and dry place to make their home.

So of course, if they love your home, they’ll probably enjoy living in your car too, which is fine until they decide to make their move and surprise you whilst your driving along, landing on your lap or even your face!

Motoring experts are therefore warning drivers across the country that the sudden shock of a spider appearing whilst on the go is no defence against the rules of the road.

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To stop spiders from spooking you whilst driving, clean your car regularly – they especially love to hide in sun visors!

It’s important that drivers remain 100% focused when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Any kind of distraction could be fatal, so your full concentration is required at all times.

Loss off concentration caused by something inside of your vehicle could land you in trouble with the law and see you punished for ‘driving without due care and attention’ or for ‘careless driving’.

If you’re found guilty of careless driving, you could face a hefty fine of up to £2,500 and be given three to nine penalty points on your driving licence. You may even be banned from driving for a period of time and given a jail term, depending on the seriousness of the incident.

Around six years ago, a woman in South Wales was banned from driving for 12 months and given community service after a man died following an incident in which she panicked when a spider fell onto her lap from the sun visor.

In 2020, a driver on the Isle of Wight smashed into a road sign because he’d been spooked by a spider in his vehicle.

When spiders find their way into your car or van, they tend to hide in warm and secluded places such as behind the sun visor or in the air vents.

The best advice to keep spiders out of your vehicle is to clean the interior regularly and spray diluted peppermint or citrus oil all over – apparently, spiders hate these substances and will avoid your vehicle altogether.

Most drivers know the dangers of not concentrating fully when behind the wheel and should avoid any kind of distraction such as eating or drinking, putting on make-up and especially picking up their mobile phone!

Obviously, having an unwanted spider in your car is not your fault but how you react if it suddenly decides to drop down on your lap or onto your face is and could endanger yourself and other road users or pedestrians around you.



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