How To Stay Cool In Your Car Without Relying On The Air Con

Temperatures are set to rise again in the UK, so here’s how to keep cool on the move


It’s going to be hot in many parts of the country this week, so driving in a sweltering hot car is what many of us will have to deal with as the temperatures are set to soar once again.

There’s nothing worse than opening the car door and the heat hitting you straight away, putting you off climbing into that super hot seat but unfortunately it’s often unavoidable as there’s trips to the shops, work commitments or a day out with the children during the summer holidays to take care of.

But how can we stay cool in our car without having to rely solely on our air conditioning systems, which not only increase fuel consumption by around 20% but could also be making us ill if it isn’t working properly, or maybe yours is broken at the moment and not working at all!

Firstly, if you have a garage, use it! Keeping your car in the garage during the summer months means you won’t have to deal with a super hot car as it will have stayed nice and cool in the shade – lovely! If you don’t have a garage, then you could use cardboard on your windscreen to block out the sun.

Temperatures are set to rise again in the UK, so here's how to keep cool on the move

How To Stay Cool In Your Car Without Relying On The Air Con.

Think about where you park overnight, so that when you wake up in the morning your car is sat in the shade rather than in the sweltering heat.

Well, of course there’s a couple of important things to remember before setting off on a journey in hot weather which is to take plenty of drinks with you so that you stay hydrated and wear clothing that keeps you cool.

Also, don’t forget to prepare your skin for the journey too, especially if you’re the driver, as the suns rays can cause damage to your skin through the side windows and windscreen.

To stay cool whilst driving why not try the old traditional way of opening the windows and allowing fresh air to circulate around the car. If you have to stop for any length of time, such as in a queue of traffic, have a fan at hand which you can use to keep cool until your moving again.

You could even try driving with wet hair as this could help to bring your body temperature down but obviously in this weather it will soon dry!

Freezing bottles of water to use as ice packs is another way of keeping cool whilst in the car. Wrap a couple in a towel and place them behind your neck – this will help your body to cool down plus you get to drink them once they’ve defrosted!

Once you reach your destination, find a space in the shade when you park up as this could help to keep your car cooler – trees and large trucks make perfect sun blocks!


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