How To Look After Your Lease Car From FLEXED

When you lease a new car from Flexed, you’ll be pleased to know that your contract includes vehicle maintenance for however long you lease the car for.

This obviously gives you peace of mind, as well as knowing that the costs are provided in the rental price you pay, therefore leaving you to enjoy driving your new lease car from us without any worries or extra costs going forward!

Also included in your lease contract with Flexed, is a manufacturer warranty as standard, UK road tax for the duration of your lease period and breakdown cover, so if the worst was to happen, we’re here for you.

Fully comprehensive insurance can be arranged with our 28-day leases as an optional extra – please click here to find out more and to see if you are eligible.

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Hang an air freshener on your car mirror to keep your lease car smelling fresh!

What You Can Do

Despite all the positive benefits that come with leasing a new car from Flexed, we hope and expect our customers take care of their chosen vehicle whilst it’s in their possession.

By simply keeping your new lease car clean and tidy both on the inside and out, your lease car will remain in tip top condition for however long you drive it.

Our advise to customers, is to ensure your lease car is vacuumed regularly and kept free from rubbish. A handy tip is to hang an air freshener on the mirror to keep the interior fresh and remove all rubbish after every journey.

Check the seats regularly for any dirt marks, burns, scuffs or spills and remove them straight away if you notice anything. You can buy seat covers if you’re worried about causing any damage. This might be a good idea if you have young children travelling in your lease car.

It might be worth purchasing a set of in-car mats to protect the carpets where people’s feet are, therefore avoiding wear and tear.

If you travel with dogs in your lease car, our advise is to use a seat protector on the back or if they’re travelling in the rear, place a boot cover down to protect from scratches and muddy paws!

The exterior of the car should be kept clean and polished. Make regular checks of the exterior of your lease car to look for any chips, scuffs or scratches that might not be covered under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide. If you do discover any damage that might not be covered, make sure you have the damage repaired to the highest standard.

Also, get to know what any warning messages on the dashboard could be by using the car’s operating manual. Get in touch with us straight away if you have concerns about any serious red warning signs.

End Of Lease Advise

What we advise our customers before returning their lease car, is to conduct a thorough check over both the interior and exterior to look for any damage that might not be covered under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guide. Do it a few weeks before the car is due to be returned to us, giving you enough time to get any repair jobs done if damage is found. Get a friend or family member to take a look as well, as a second pair of eyes might see something you’ve missed.

You could possibly arrange for a professional valet of the interior and take the vehicle to a car wash that does a thorough job of the exterior, remembering to polish it afterwards.

Don’t forget to inspect the wheels & trims and check the glass, lighting and door mirrors for any signs of damage and keep all documentation/handbooks safely in the glovebox.

If you’ve been given a second set of keys, make sure both sets are handed in at the end of your lease term and don’t forget to remove any other personal keys from your keyring. Also, make sure you remove any personal items from the vehicle before it’s returned.

By simply conducting regular checks and keeping your lease car clean and tidy both inside and out, you’ll prevent incurring any unwanted penalty charges at the end of your lease term.



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