Half of British motorists fail to carry out car checks before heading off on holiday

And it seems women drivers are the ones less likely to carry out checks themselves!

The summer holiday period will soon be upon us, when schools up and down the country close their doors for around six weeks and this is when many of us look forward to a well-earned break, however, according to new research it seems as though preparing our car for the possible long journey ahead is the last thing on our minds.

A survey was commissioned by the Motor Ombudsman and carried out by YouGov in a bid to find out whether motorists in the UK prepare their cars pre-holiday season or not and the results are quite alarming.

Out of those taking part in the survey, nearly half (49%) confessed to not making any maintenance checks themselves on their car before heading off on holiday, whilst one third of those questioned asked a friend to do the checks or a mechanic, however, the worst thing was that a concerning 13% carried out no checks at all.

Of those who said they did nothing about checking their car out before a holiday, more than two-thirds (68%) simply shrugged and said they thought there was no need to do so, whereas 22% did honestly confess that they wouldn’t have a clue where to start when it came to making sure their car was ready for a possible long journey.

What the survey did discover, is that women drivers were the ones less likely to carry out any car checks themselves and of the ones who did do something about it, almost half admitted to asking a friend or mechanic to make sure their car was okay before going on holiday. And it seems as though only a fifth of men taking part in the survey were willing to admit they’d trust someone else to carry out a check on their car.

The answers also came down to the age of some of those taking part, as ‘baby boomers’ aged 55 or over were more likely than any other age group to set aside some time to carry out a maintenance check of their car before setting off on a holiday.

The survey found that motorists in the Midlands (86%) and Wales (89%) were the ones most likely to be prepared for a journey out of all UK regions.

Of those quizzed, 59% said they would feel confident enough if required to fit a spare wheel or use a tyre sealant if they had to deal with a puncture, however, less than one in five said they would feel capable enough of carrying out any other kind of vehicle emergency without relying on roadside assistance.

And if the worst was to happen while away on holiday, the survey found that 45% of drivers admitted that they’d never even considered what they would do to have their car fixed if not at home, whilst around 23% said they would go online to find the nearest garage if disaster was to happen.

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