Government considers fining motorist who drive too close to cyclists

A petition has been launched to introduce a minimum distance for motorists overtaking cyclists

In an effort to clamp down on intimidating motorists who drive dangerously close to cyclists, the UK government is considering imposing a driving law which would see fines handed out to those caught in the act.
According to Transport Minister, Robert Goodwill, the government is seriously considering the introduction of a law which would make driving too close to cyclists, when overtaking or manoeuvring, a punishable offence.

UK government considers minimum distance between autos and cyclists to prevent dangerous driving

A petition has been set up calling for minimum distance for cyclists

Similar laws have been introduced in Australia and some European countries, including Germany, France and Spain. In South Australia, motorists must now give cyclists a berth of 1 metre, or 1.5 metres when travelling above 37mph, otherwise they could face a fine.
Now the Department for Transport is considering bringing a similar law into the UK, as there is some concern about the safety of cyclists, with one study from the University of Westminster claiming that male cyclists travelling on week days will experience two close-calls for every hour that they are on their bicycle.
Under this proposed new rule, motorists caught driving too close to cyclists will be fined for carless driving; which is a motoring offence finable by up to £5,000, however, most minor offenders will receive a £100 fixed penalty notice.
A petition to the UK government has been set up and has so far received over 16,700 signatures.
Mr Goodwill commented on the proposal: “As with other changes of this type introduced overseas, we remain interested in the change and are keeping it under review.”
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