Giant fur seal jumps onto car bonnet in Tasmania before being captured

The male seal weighing in at over 400lbs left the car dented after straying into the Australian suburb

A giant fur seal has grabbed the headlines around the world after being photographed lying on top of a car bonnet in a suburban neighbourhood in Australia.
The large male seal, which is estimated to weigh over 400lbs, was photographed on Boxing Day in Launceston, Tasmania.
Before making itself comfortable on the bonnet of the car, the large fur seal had been spotted by residents in the middle of the street.
The seal was returned to the wild after being tranquilised and released into a river.
Rachael Alderman, a wildlife biologist from the Marine Conservation Program, said that the capture and release of the fur seal was succesful, the sedative wore off and the seal was happy to be back in the water.
It might have ended well for the seal but the owner of the car was left with a slightly damaged and dented vehicle.
The giant seal was given the nickname “Mr Lou-seal” by the police, who think that the large mammal travelled to Launceston via nearby waterways from the sea, a distance of around 31 miles.
Dr Alderman confirmed that fur seals are in breeding season at the moment and are regularly spotted in Tasmania around this time of the year, normally giant males suffering from hormone changes.
She said they often end up in strange places but this particular fur seal grabbed the headlines after deciding to make itself comfortable on the bonnet of a car.
A gentleman staying at the Launceston home where the incident took place, William Gregory, said that only minor damage had been caused to the car by the seal.
“We got up and there was this great big seal on the roof of the car which is definitely not what you’d expect on Boxing Day,” said Mr Gregory.
The car will need a new windscreen but the dents should be able to be flattened out. The car was said to be quite old and Mr Gregory said the damage was worth it.
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