Have you ever put the wrong fuel in your car by mistake?

Some advice from Flexed.co.uk about what to do if you accidentally misfuel your car

Oh no! – You’ve just put the wrong fuel in your car, what should you do? Whether you’ve put diesel in a petrol car, or petrol in a diesel car, neither one is good news. But having said that, don’t panic…

Putting petrol into a diesel car is the more common mistake, as petrol nozzles fit very easily into most diesel car’s filler necks. Unfortunately, it can also be the more serious and the costlier of the two.

Misfuelling happens to around 150,000 motorists every year but by following our few simple steps, you can avoid damaging your engine and that huge repair bill!

If you’ve not started the car’s engine – DON’T!

Inform the attendant at the petrol station about your mistake. Push your car clear of the pumps and out of the way.

If you have breakdown cover, call them and let your insurance provider know what’s happened too.

Your breakdown company might be able to fix the mistake at the petrol station by draining the wrong fuel out of your vehicle.

Hopefully, if you haven’t put a lot in and not started your car, the incorrect fuel won’t have been drawn into the engine and you should avoid any damage to your vehicle.

However, if you did start the car’s engine and drove away from the petrol station, then you probably came to a sputtering standstill not far down the road and the consequences could be much more serious.

Instead of the fuel just sitting in the tank, it’s now been drawn into the engine and through the system, meaning your car could have some serious damage.

Firstly, DON’T try starting the car again. Find help to push your vehicle out of the way into a safe place and make sure the ignition is off.

Call your breakdown company for assistance and then your insurance company to let them know what’s happened.

Your car will be towed to a garage, drained of fuel and examined to see what damage has been caused.

Misfuelling is classed as accidental damage, so check your insurance policy to see if you are covered as you may be liable for the cost of any repairs.

How to avoid misfuelling:

1. The obvious – keep reminding yourself about what fuel you need to fill up with.

2. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted whilst filling up your vehicle – stay focused!

3. Stick a label on the filler cover to remind you what fuel it needs.

4. For diesel car drivers – consider purchasing a misfuelling prevention device. It fits into your car’s filler neck to stop you from putting in the smaller petrol nozzle.

5. Never rely on the hose or nozzle colour, as they could vary at different filling stations – always check the label on the pump trigger first.

6. Try to avoid filling up whilst stressed or in a hurry.

7. If you’ve recently changed vehicle from one fuel type to another, or you’ve hired/leased a car for a short period of time, place reminders inside and outside the vehicle as to what type of fuel you need to fill up with.

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