Driving Licence Tips: Renew Online To Save Money & Waiting Time

UK Drivers Lost Out On A Whopping £2.3million Of Savings From April 2020 To March 2021 By Posting Their Application Instead Of Doing It Online


According to new official figures, drivers in the UK lost out on a whopping £2.3million of savings from April 2020 to March 2021 by simply not renewing their driving licences online and posting them instead.

During this 11 month period, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) received two million photo-card licence renewal applications, of which around 23% were sent through the traditional postal system instead of being submitted online, which is both a cheaper and quicker alternative.

If you use the official Gov.uk website to renew your driving licence, it will cost you £14 and your new photo-card licence will arrive within five days. When you apply via post, it will cost you £17 and you will have to wait longer for your new licence to arrive.

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If you move house, don’t forget to update the details on your driving licence immediately to avoid a fine. © Copyright Nigel Mykura and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Also, if you apply online, there are extra benefits to take advantage of, including being able to track your application’s progress which you can’t do if you post it.

Drivers in the UK must renew their photo-card licence every 10 years and the DVLA sends you a reminder when this is due to be renewed. The DVLA also warns drivers that they should only use the official Gov.uk website when it’s time to renew their licence in any way, as third party websites will charge additional fees for some services that should be free or cost much less.

Chief executive of the DVLA, Julie Lennard, said: “Our online services are the quickest and easiest way to deal with DVLA and customers usually receive their driving and vehicle documents in just five days.”

What drivers should be aware of, is that not keeping your details up-to-date on your driving licence could land you in trouble and may lead to a hefty fine.

If you move house, you must change the address on your driving licence straight away to avoid a fine and this can be done easily, quickly and for free by using the official Gov.uk website.

How To Change The Address On Your Driving Licence

If you simply need to change the address on your driving licence because you’ve moved house, the whole process is quick and easy if you do it via the official Gov.uk website. Not keeping your details up-to-date on your driving licence could lead to a fine of up to £1,000 so it’s very important to change the address on your driving licence to the new one as soon as you move in to avoid a fine.

You can change your address for free using the Gov.uk website – all you’ll need is your driving licence photo-card, your passport and your National Insurance number. You must be a resident of the UK and provide all the addresses you’ve lived at for the past three years and must not be banned from driving.

Once your online form has been submitted, your updated new licence photo-card should be with you within a week. It can sometimes take a bit longer but if you’ve not received anything within three weeks, you need to contact the DVLA.

Of course, you can still use the postal system if you haven’t got access to the internet at home and this is also free to do. You’ll need to fill in the ‘changes’ section of your D741 form if you still have it (this comes with your old licence) or you’ll have to obtain a D1 form from the Post Office.



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