Driver Warning: Be Aware Of Highway Code Changes For 2022

8 New Changes for UK Motorists to Follow to Avoid Fines or Points


A number of major changes have been introduced to the Highway Code, which came into effect on Saturday 29 January 2022. These changes come after a public consultation on a review of the Highway Code to help improve the safety of people walking, horse riders and cyclists.

The consultation ran from July to October 2020, with more than 20,000 responses being received from the public, businesses and other organisations. Most of those who responded were in favour of all the changes put forward.

Therefore, eight changes have been made in total and it’s important that motorists know about every one of them.

1. Hierarchy of Road Users – Three new rules have been added to the introduction section of the Highway Code regarding the ‘hierarchy of road users’. This hierarchy places those road users most at risk in the event of an accident at the top of the hierarchy but does not remove the need for everyone to act responsibly.

All road users should be aware of the Highway Code, be considerate to other road users and understand their responsibility for the safety of others.

These three new rules have been numbered H1, H2 and H3 – please click the link at the end of this article to find out more.

2. People Crossing the Road at Junctions – the updated code states that when people are crossing or waiting to cross at a junction, the traffic should give way. If a person has started to cross the road and traffic wants to turn into that road, the person crossing has priority and the traffic should give way.

People driving, cycling or riding a motorcycle must give way to people on a zebra crossing and to people walking or cycling on a parallel crossing.

The updated rules include the following:

  • Rule H2 (Introduction)
  • Rule 8 (Rules for pedestrians)
  • Rule 19 (Rules for pedestrians)
  • Rule 170 (Using the road)
  • Rule 195 (Using the road)
  • Rule 206 (Road users requiring extra care)

3. Walking, Cycling or Riding in Shared Spaces – the code has been updated with new guidance about routes and spaces that are shared by people walking, riding horses or cycling.

People cycling, riding a horse or driving a horse-drawn vehicle must respect the safety of those walking in these spaces, however those walking must also ensure they do not obstruct or endanger them,

Those on a bicycle must not pass people walking, riding a horse or driving a horse-drawn vehicle closely or at high speed, especially when coming from behind.

Cyclist must slow down when necessary and ensure people who are walking know they are there, so could ring their bell to let them know. Be aware that people walking could be deaf, partially sighted or blind. You must also not pass a horse on the horse’s left.

Updated Rules:

  • Rule H1 (Introduction)
  • Rule 13 (Rules for pedestrians)
  • Rule 62 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 63 (Rules for cyclists)

4. Positioning in the Road When Cycling – the Highway Code has new updated guidance for people cycling and how to position themselves on the road.

When cycling in groups, you can now ride 2 abreast but must be aware of people driving behind them and allow them to overtake when it’s safe to do so, either by riding in single file or stopping.

Rule 67 and Rule 213 should be read for further details on the new updates regarding the positioning in the road when cycling.

5. Overtaking When Driving or Cycling – there is updated guidance on safe passing distances and speeds for people driving or riding a motorcycle when overtaking vulnerable road users such as cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians.

The updated rules to read:

  • Rule 67 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 76 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 163 (Using the road)
  • Rule 212 (Road users requiring extra care)
  • Rule 215 (Road users requiring extra care)

6. People Cycling at Junctions – the updates confirm that when turning into or out of a side road, people cycling should give way to people walking who are crossing or waiting to cross.

Read these updated rules to find out more:

  • Rule H2 (Introduction)
  • Rule H3 (Introduction)
  • Rule 73 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 74 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 75 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 76 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 167 (Using the road)
  • Rule 170 (Using the road)
  • Rule 211 (Road users requiring extra care)

7. People Cycling, Riding a Horse and Driving Horse-drawn Vehicles on Roundabouts – the Highway Code has been updated to clarify that people driving or riding a motorcycle should give priority to people cycling on roundabouts.

Please read the following rule updates:

  • Rule 79 (Rules for cyclists)
  • Rule 167 (Using the road)
  • Rule 186 (Using the road)

8. Parking, Charging and Leaving Vehicles – new rules on how to behave when parking up and leaving your vehicle, to ensure the safety of those around you.

For the first time ever, the code includes guidance on how to use an electric vehicle charging point.

The updated rule:

  • Rule 239 (Waiting and parking)

Please click here to read all the rules in more detail.



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