Congestion Warning As Almost 18m Journeys Planned This Weekend

According to research conducted by RAC Breakdown, motorists in the UK plan to make 17.8 million recreational trips this coming weekend, as schools close for half-term and preparations begin for the upcoming Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

The RAC have based their expectations on the travel plans of 1,425 drivers in the UK, believing that motorways and major A-roads will be the busiest on Saturday (28 May), with around 4.6m journeys estimated to take place. Today (Friday 27 May) and Sunday (29 May), the RAC estimate around 4m journeys per day. Furthermore, drivers are expected to make an extra 5.3m journeys at some time between Friday and the end of the weekend.

All these estimated journeys are planned despite fuel prices in the UK reaching new daily records.

Where The Delays Are Expected

According to data from transport analytics providers INRIX, there could be delays over the coming weekend in different areas of the country, especially the M1 southbound between J16 and J6 this evening (Friday), the M25 anticlockwise between J17 and J12 tomorrow morning (Saturday) and A720 west between the A1 and the M60 clockwise between J7 and J18 this Sunday afternoon.

“All eyes might be turning to the long Jubilee bank holiday just a week away, but before then we have the start of half-term which will no doubt see major routes to holiday destinations start to clog up,” said RAC traffic spokesman Rod Dennis, also adding, “Drivers can beat the worst of the queues by planning the time of their trips carefully – an early start is always best or, failing that, driving at dusk if that’s a feasible option.”

Bob Pishue, transportation analyst at INRIX, said: “Even with fuel prices continuing to rise, we still expect travellers to hit the road during the half-term break. Drivers should expect congestion on major roads around big cities and popular destinations. Knowing when and where congestion will build can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic.”

Top Tips Before Setting Off On A Journey

The RAC urges motorists carry out simple checks on their car before setting off on a journey this coming holiday week and over the Jubilee celebrations period.

According to separate research, less than one fifth (17%) of drivers admit to checking their oil, coolant and tyres before a long journey, whilst 24% confessed to not doing any checks at all.

Of course, if you lease a car from Flexed, your lease contract includes a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard, breakdown cover and vehicle maintenance for your peace of mind. If the worst was to happen on a long journey, you’re covered with us.

Rod Dennis said: “Motorists can cut the chances of becoming a breakdown statistic by completing some quick pre-journey checks – check your oil and coolant levels, the latter is especially important if the weather warms up, ensure your tyres have plenty of tread and are inflated to the correct pressures and top up your screen wash.

“If you’re making a longer drive, keep yourself alert and everyone in your vehicle comfortable by planning in regular breaks.”

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