Britain's Top 10 worst roads for potholes have been revealed

I wonder if a road near you will appear on the list!

The top 10 worst roads in the UK for potholes have been revealed, as Britain is ranked in 27th place in the world for road quality, coming in behind Chile and Oman.

Our roads have been left in their worst state for years following freezing temperatures that hit the UK at the end of February this year, which left many roads up and down the country in a terrible condition. Our roads are now ranked just 27th in the world for quality and to repair them a grand total of £9.3billion is needed.

According to reports, the worst road in the UK for potholes can be found in Lancashire on Mellor Brook Bypass in Balderstone. This stretch of road has been reported to the local council 545 times in just one year.

In second place for the number of complaints was Seven Hills Road in Elmbridge, Surrey on 216. In a petition to try and get the road fixed it was claimed that ‘there are more potholes then there are street lights’.

The roads in Britain are so bad even cyclists are put off using them because of the number of potholes.

According to Department for Transport figures, from 2007 to 2016, 368 cyclists were seriously injured and 22 killed because of a poor or defective road surface.

The Beast from the East struck the UK in February and has left many streets in a much worse condition. The AA says that the number of pothole-related claims during the first third of 2018 alone is more than for the whole of last year.

It’s estimated that so far this year there’s been more than 4,200 claims related to pothole damage compared to around 3,500 for the whole of 2017. The AA has described the number of potholes in the UK as an ‘epidemic’ and a ‘national embarrassment’.

Top 10 worst roads for potholes in Britain followed by the number of complaints:

  1. Mellor Brook Bypass, Balderstone, Lancashire – 545
  2. Seven Hills Road, Elmbridge, Surrey – 216
  3. A345 in Wiltshire – 208
  4. Selsfield Road, West Hoathly, West Sussex – 200
  5. Main Road, Moulton, Cheshire – 185
  6. A595 in Cumbria – 171
  7. Attercliffe Road in Sheffield – 169
  8. A38 Kingsbury Road in Birmingham – 169
  9. Richmond Avenue, Telford, Shropshire – 168
  10. Road from West Serstone to Down St Mary in Devon – 162

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