BMW unveils Vision Next 100 concept car

Vision Next 100 concept car allows a glimpse into the future

As part of its centenary celebrations, the German auto manufacturer BMW has unveiled a futuristic concept car designed to tease those of us who will have popped our clogs by the time its comes to fruition.
BMW’s Vision Next 100 does exactly what is says on the tin; it allows us a glimpse into the future of auto mobile design, without the need for time travel.
As the rat race for the title of top autonomous vehicle pioneer continues, the Bavarian auto brand seems to have taken a moment to consider what motorists actually want. With that in mind, BMW has developed a concept car that has been designed for drivers, not simply for commuters.
The Vision Next 100 is inevitably an autonomous car, but only at the driver’s say-so. Ultimately, the driver is in control and can choose between a manual driving (Boost) mode or driverless (Ease) mode.
A BMW spokesperson said: “BMW drivers will be able to let their cars do the work – but only when the driver wants.”
It is in the interior where the Vision Next 100 truly becomes a thing of the distant future. With the switch of the ‘Ease’ button, the driver and passenger seats turns to face one another; and the inside is designed around ‘Alive Geometry’ technology, meaning the dashboard communicates through vision with the ‘driver’; while the windscreen becomes more like a display screen comparable with the technology from recent James Bond movies.
Whether automotive technology will have, in reality, reached this level by 2116, or even surpassed it, only time will tell. For now, the world awaits sceptically for the first driverless vehicle.
Watch BMW’s video about its Vision Next 100 concept car here:

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