Ban to be introduced in Scotland for parking on the pavement

Fines will be issued to drivers caught parking on the kerb

Under new proposals, motorists in Scotland will be banned from parking on pavements and if caught will be receive a fine.

A national ban is to be introduced through the Transport (Scotland) Bill banning drivers from pavement parking and double parking in a bid to make roads and pavements more accessible and safer for pedestrians.

Motorists will also be stopped from leaving their vehicles more than 50cm from the kerb. Any driver caught flouting the law could be fined by their local council.

All council will have the power to be able to fine offending drivers who think it’s okay to park on the pavement but as yet it’s not been confirmed if motorists will be fined the same amount as those caught in London.

According to Rule 244 of the Highway Code: “You MUST NOT park partially or wholly on the pavement in London, and should not do so elsewhere unless signs permit it.

“Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs.”

“This is the beginning of the end for footway parking in Scotland,” said Stuart Hay, Director of Living Streets Scotland, adding: “An outright ban will make it possible for everyone to enjoy our streets, walk more of our everyday journeys and bring relief from the actions of irresponsible drivers to vulnerable pedestrians.”

Some streets will, however, be exempt from the new bill but only where negative impacts for those with disabilities and children can be prevented.

Scotland will be the only part of the UK to have clear laws regarding parking on pavements once the new proposals are put in place. As well as proposing a ban on pavement parking, there will also be a crackdown on the most polluting vehicles.

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