Explained: baby car seat and child booster seat laws

A simple guide to help you choose the right one

Rigorous UK laws and European standards oversee the management and sale of child car seats, baby seats and booster seats, ensuring our loved ones are kept safe and secure on short, or long journey’s.
Here is a simple guideline for UK drivers wanting to fit a child car seat, baby seat or booster seat to their vehicle:
Make sure you buy your child car seat, or booster seat from a trustworthy supplier and that it is made to the approved legal standards, which means you should look for the E-mark.
The E-mark will be visible on a label on the car seat, or booster seat – a capital E within a circle. This label means that the product conforms to EU standards and is legally fit for purpose.
For all children under the age of twelve, OR under 135cm tall (very important to remember), a child car seat, baby seat or booster seat is mandatory. However, children over three-years-old are allowed to travel on quick, unavoidable journey’s without a car seat.
Baby or child car seats, or booster seats, are not allowed to be fitted on a side facing seat and if placed in the passenger seat, the airbag must be switched off.
Child seats come in two options, one based on height and the other on weight. The two standards you will find are the newer i-Size standard, which is available in different height limits and the ECE R 44/04 standard, which are graded based on the weight of the child.
The i-Size seats are known to provide the child with better side impact protection and if your child is under 15 months-old, the seat must be fixed in a rear facing position, which is believed to be a five-times safer position than placing them facing forward.
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