Aggressive driving could cost you more a year in fuel

New study shows the differences between ‘good’ drivers and ‘bad’ ones

A new study carried out by UK insurance company Direct Line suggests that the differences between being a good driver and a bad one could play a significant role when it comes to the amount of money you have to fork out on fuel.
The insurance company examined the telematics data from a number of drivers who’d signed up for their Drive Plus policy.
Direct Line collected data from more than 319,000 journeys and found that those rated as ‘bad’ drivers were spending 67% more on filling up over this period, equating to nearly £50 per month.

New study shows the differences between 'good' drivers and 'bad' ones

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Data from 2,000 Driver Plus motorists was then reviewed by the insurers over a period of two months.
The outcome of the findings determined that ‘good’ motoring could reduce the number of fuel stops you have to make by almost half – meaning THAT, over a year, you could save £560 on your fuel bills.
By analysing the data, Direct Line calculated that on average, bad motorists had to pay £1,398.53 per year to fill up, whilst good drivers only had to spend £836.75.
How do you establish what makes a ‘good’ driver or a ‘bad’ driver?
According to Direct Line, cars fitted with telematics software give us the answers we need. This type of software monitors the way in which people drive, such as how hard the driver brakes, how fast they take corners and the force used when accelerating – the calmer the driver, the higher the rating.
On average, drivers scoring the worst (1 to 2 rating) only achieved 413 miles before having to stop for fuel, whereas good drivers with scores rated 9 to 10, managed 693 miles between fuel stops.
To conclude, this means that the smoothest drivers are on average managing to achieve 52.5mpg, compared to their heavy footed counterparts, who are only managing 31.4 miles to the gallon.
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