'66' number plates deemed too naughty for the road!

A list of unsuitable number plates have been banned by the DVLA with the release of the ’66’ reg plate

The new ’66’ number plate came out in September across the UK and with so many possibilities out there to make a word using ’66’ as ‘GG’, the DVLA have had to ban the use of many new number plates, as they were deemed too rude for British roads!
The DVLA hasn’t released the full list of banned ’66’ number plates but a few examples that will never be seen on British roads are combinations such as: ‘DO66 ERS’, ‘BU66 ERS’ and ‘OR66 ASM’, which are obviously too rude and explicit to be allowed.
The complete list of banned ’66’ number plates is thought to be as long as 10 pages, full of combinations which are deemed too rude or explicit for the roads but also include words that could be regarded as homophobic, or racially, politically and religiously offensive.
Before the new number plates come out on March 1 and again on September 1 every year, DVLA censors meet up to determine which letter and number combinations could be read as explicit or offensive for racial, homophobic, political or religious reasons when mixed to form a word.
As the UK number plate changes twice a year, the possible offensive word combinations mean double trouble for the DVLA, who have to do everything they can to ensure that none slip through the net.
However, if one does manage to slip through and the DVLA are made aware of it, they do have the powers to take the offending registration number off the owner.
And for those of you wondering whether to treat yourself to a ‘cheeky’ personalised reg plate – don’t bother, as the DVLA have the authority to say no to these too!
All seriousness aside, the new 66-plate does bring with it a nice selection of fun and interesting words; one to protect the eyes – ‘GO66 LES’, another to warm the heart – ‘HU66 ING’ and one lucky West Bromwich Albion fan could end up with this number plate – ‘BA66 IES’!
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