5 of the Best Business Cars

Looking for a new company car with impressive looks and low tax? Not sure what the most reliable car for your sales team or fleet is? Look no further, this comprehensive guide to the five best business cars will tell you everything you need to know.
Ideally, the perfect business car should be tax efficient without compromising comfort or performance. It should look good in the car park and be reliable enough to minimise unexpected costs. These 5 cars meet this description and go even further.
Mercedes A220CDI AMG Sport Auto
If you are looking for a business car that combines low running costs with an impressive aesthetic, then this Mercedes A-Class A220 Sports hatchback should be top of your list. With emissions of just 109g/km, it is significantly cheaper to run than its competitors. Boasting a fuel economy of just 67.3mpg, this is an excellent choice for a business car. Where it excels in low running costs, it also exceeds with its visually pleasing exterior and interior. The sports-like exterior is expensive looking and will stand out on the road. The inside, too, is guaranteed to impress customers and clients alike as it has been treated to both supportive sports seats and a sports multi-function steering wheel.
Skoda Octavia VRS Hatchback 2.0TDi 184ps DSG
Not only is this vehicle economical, with an entirely respectable economy rate of 56.5miles per gallon, it is also extremely comfortable with a smooth ride. These features make it ideal for transporting clients, or for any sales representative. The ride is smooth, with a powerful diesel engine capable of 0-62mph in just 6.8 seconds. Boasting leather seats, a spacious cabin and a professional air conditioning system, this Octavia Hatchback makes a comfortable journey for any passenger. There is also plenty of space in the boot, ideal for luggage or samples of your company’s stock or supplies.
Volvo XC60 D4 SE Lux Nav AWD Geartronic
If your job requires a lot of driving, this car’s versatility places it firmly at the top of your list. As the name suggests, this is the most luxurious vehicle in the range. Driving in the city, the car feels surprisingly agile for its large size, whilst also being comfortably smooth and powerful on the motorway. Even on country lanes, the ride is smooth and comfortable – with a nice high driving position. On any road this car handles well, without compromising its impressive, aesthetically-pleasing looks. Boasting a range of features from alloy wheels and bluetooth to cruise control, sat nav and more, this car is a great choice for any business car. It goes without saying, that this vehicle is a more spacious option, roomy enough for any business needs.
BMW 420d Gran Coupe M Sport Auto
If you don’t want to compromise style or luxury but don’t want to pay massive amounts of tax, this 5 door coupe was made for you. One of the most fuel efficient gran coupes with low emissions of just 129g/km, it seems as if this vehicle was made with company cars in mind. Blending communicative steering and easy handling with extensive headroom, legroom and a stylish leather interior, this drive will be just as enjoyable for the passenger as it is for the driver. Overall, a hugely desirable business car.
BMW X5 30d M Sport
Last but not least, this is our favourite contender for the ultimate business car. This refined, sportier approach to a big SUV is a must for any business or company. You know that your company car has to do more than look good and cost less. Most corporate cars are required to double up as a family vehicle, too. This M Sport ticks this box and a few more. The luxurious roomy cabin can seat five comfortably, or four roomily and boasts electric leather sports seats and beautifully finished detailing and trim. Bringing together size and grace, the boot is happily large enough for your golf clubs. What’s more, in comparison to rival SUVS, the 6 cylinder diesel engine is incredibly efficient, meaning lower running-costs and lower BIK tax. This classy X5 M Sport is the perfect business car.

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