The UK's top ten favourite car colours 2016

And the top spot goes to … Silver!

Your choice of car colour usually comes down to personal preference – favourite colour, whether you want to stand out or blend into a crowd, what colour you think best suits the car or even keeping up with the latest colour trend. Sometimes however it simply comes down to the choices available for the make and model of car you purchase.
A recent study has been carried out by RAC Cars to discover what the most popular car colour in the UK was in 2016. The top spot went to…silver!

Silver is the nations favourite car colour for 2016

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Surprisingly, out of the 30.5 million cars now on British roads, almost a quarter (22%), are silver or aluminium-coloured but their reign at the top might not last for much longer, as the amount of cars being painted silver over the past three years has decreased by 7%.
Black may have finished runner up but the number of cars being painted black has increased by 13% over the past three years, even though figures revealed that around one million fewer black cars were sold than silver. However, with such a positive increase, black could be well on its way to taking over silver in top position!
Meanwhile, even though white only came sixth, it’s presently the bestselling colour for new registered cars and since 2013, 1.3 million more cars on UK roads are white, so we could see it moving up a couple of places next year.
The UK’s favourite primary colour was blue, beating red and yellow to finish in third place.
Another colour which seems to be growing in popularity is brown, despite only coming tenth overall. Although only 169,656 brown cars are currently on our roads, since 2013 the colour has seen a rise of 84%.
Green, on the other hand, seems to be falling out of favour with the British public. Although it managed to finish seventh overall, the percentage of green cars on UK roads has dropped by 30% during the past three years.
Top ten most popular car colour choices in the UK 2016:
1. Silver/Aluminium
2. Black
3. Blue
4. Grey
5. Red
6. White
7. Green
8. Beige/Buff
9. Yellow
10. Brown
Pete Williams, spokesman for RAC Cars, said: “White is very much the colour of the moment, which is why it’s rising up the rankings but it has a long way to go before it becomes as popular as silver, black and blue.”
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