10 Items You Should Keep In Your Car This Summer

From Sunglasses to Sweets, We’ve Rounded Up The Essentials You Need in Your Car!


When winter is fast approaching, drivers are advised on how to prepare their vehicle and themselves for any kind of extreme weather, ensuring we have everything we might need in case of an emergency and this should also be on our mind when summer arrives.

The de-icer, ice-scrapers and winter clothing can be removed from your car and replaced with items that are more appropriate for summer driving, all of which are essential and should be kept in your car until the cold weather and dark nights strike again.

The following ten items we’ve listed here are just a number of essentials we believe might just come in useful during the next few months. You may possibly think of some other things to carry in your car during the warmer weather that we haven’t mentioned here and that’s great – whatever helps us to stay safe in our car when the seasons change is a good thing.

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Having sweets in your car during summer can keep spirits up on long journeys!

10 Items You Should Keep In Your Car This Summer

1. Sunglasses/Sun Cream/Sun Hat

Of course, keeping a pair of sunglasses in the car during winter is also essential, so these should probably stay in the car all year round but sun cream could be handy, especially if you’re planning a day trip – it could prevent you from returning home looking like a lobster!

The best advice is to carry Factor 50, so anyone can use it and be fully protected, storing it in the glove box or somewhere that stays cool inside the car.

A sun hat/cap is essential in summer, especially if you don’t like the sun for long periods of time on your face. They don’t take up too much room and can be thrown in the back of the car.

2. A Bottle of Water

Keep a large bottle of water in your car which can be used to rinse your hands if necessary or remove bird muck from the paintwork, or even to top up the engine’s cooling system.

If you have a dog with you, it’s vital that you carry a bowl and water to keep them hydrated and when it comes to yourself and passengers, ensure you have fresh bottles of water to drink and keep them in a cool bag if possible.

3. A Waterproof Jacket

A lightweight waterproof jacket doesn’t take up much room, some can even be folded up into a small bag with a handle for easy carrying and packing.

We know that the weather can change quickly here in the UK, so it’s always a handy item to have in your car.

4. A Blanket and/or Large towel

A very handy thing to keep in your car. It can be used to cover the seats if you arrive back at the car all wet and muddy, or used to wipe dirt or sand off your feet and can be wrapped around someone when they feel a bit chilly later in the day.

A blanket can also be spread out on the floor when an unplanned picnic crops up!

5. A Bin bag/Carrier Bag

You’re probably scratching your head right now and wondering why a bin bag but with so many people thinking it’s okay to throw rubbish out onto the side of the road, this is an essential piece of kit.

You can throw your own rubbish in the bin bag, helping to keep your car clean and if you come across any discarded litter, either on the beach or in the mountains, maybe take a carrier bag in your day bag/rucksack so you can take it back to the car with you.

6. Wet wipes/Hand Sanitiser

Most of us are carrying these items around with us anyway because of Covid-19 but they are handy to have in the car, either to wipe up spills, freshen up your face and neck when it’s a warm day or to clean up spills on the car seats etc..

Hand sanitiser is handy for when you’re about to handle food and there’s nowhere around to wash your hands – just one squirt is needed and rub your hands together.

7. Binoculars

They don’t take up much room and on a beautiful sunny day when you want to look more closely at your surroundings, you can. For bird watching they’re essential and always come in handy when the kids are playing up in the back!

8. Road Atlas

I know most of us use sat nav’s these days and many cars now come with in-car sat nav but keeping a small road atlas in a pocket behind one of the seats is advisable.

Unexpected road closures or diversions might be easier to navigate and plot a new way around with the use of a traditional paper map and it’s often more reliable too.

9. Sweet Treats

Having a bag of sweets in the car can help keep spirits up on a long journey. Buying them in advance and storing them in your car means you can buy them cheaper than stopping at motorway service stations but make sure you buy something to suit everyone’s differing taste!

10. Painkillers

You never know when illness may strike, so having a small box of painkillers in the car is essential and once again, buy them in advance from the supermarket to save money and keep them out of reach of children!

You should maybe consider carrying a First Aid Kit in your car in case of emergency. They’re relatively cheap and don’t take up much room.



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