£1.6m generated by UK police forces selling or scrapping confiscated uninsured drivers’ cars

During the first six months of 2016, around 22,594 vehicles were confiscated by the police from uninsured drivers

According to new research carried out by Churchill Car Insurance, police forces across England and Wales have so far this year generated over £1.6 million in revenue from the sale or scrapping of cars that have been confiscated from uninsured drivers.
From January to mid-June this year, more than 22,594 vehicles have been confiscated by the police from motorists driving on UK roads without insurance. Of these, 2,866 have been sold at auction, generating £1.4 million in total, money which is paid back into police funds throughout the country and, according to some police forces, a percentage of which is paid out for the use of vehicle recovery services.
Churchill also discovered that 6,827 of those seized end up being scrapped and crushed, managing to generate another substantial amount in scrap value totalling £279,253.

£1.6m in revenue generated by police scrapping or selling uninsured drivers' vehicles

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The survey found that the Metropolitan Police have so far earned the most from the selling or scrapping of vehicles that have been impounded. The Met Police seized 6,827 vehicles from January to mid-June this year and raised more than £788,000 from vehicle sales at auction and almost £109,000 in scrap.
Vehicles seized by the police from motorists breaking the law are eventually sold or scrapped if not reclaimed by the owner within 14 days. When reclaiming their vehicle, owners have to show proof that it’s now insured and that they are the registered keeper of the vehicle, plus a car storage fee has to be paid.
In Greater London alone, 215,970 uninsured vehicles are believed to be driving around on the capital city’s streets and more alarmingly, Churchill determined that motorists in the capital had a one in 18 chance of having an accident with a driver who has no insurance!
The second region on the insurer’s list was the North West, with 175,625 uninsured motorists estimated to be on the roads, followed by the West Midlands at 110,337.
A high number of luxury cars were also amongst those seized from law breaking motorists between January and mid-June 2016. According to Churchill, 2,117 BMWs were impounded by the police, along with 1,546 Audis and 52 Porsches.
Unbelievably, a number of luxury cars are not reclaimed by their uninsured owners. One such vehicle, seized by the Met Office this year, went to auction and sold for £22,100.
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