Where do the biggest spenders on new cars live?

It has to be London, right? Wrong – it’s Glasgow!

Surprisingly, it’s not the people of London who spend the most money when purchasing a brand new car – it’s the Scots!
According to new analysis by the car buying platform Carwow, Glaswegians are the ones parting with the most money on a new vehicle from car dealerships, followed closely by Edinburgh.

Glasgow boasts the biggest spenders of brand new cars

The Millennium Bridge, the Crowne Plaza Hotel and Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

As one of the UK’s 10 largest cities, London only appears third on the list, with an average spend of £26,160, which is slightly lower than Edinburgh in second place.
The result probably comes as quite a shock to most people in the UK, who wrongly assume that London, as the country’s capital and the city with the highest earnings on average, would be where the biggest car spenders live.
The top three cities, on average, spend around £26,000 on a brand new set of wheels, compared to Liverpool, who spend around £4,200 less.
The new analysis is based only on sales through the car buying platform, Carwow. Founder of the company James Hind said: “What’s interesting about these findings is that although London has higher earnings, on average, than any other city, no correlation can be found between the cities in the list and the average earnings in those locations.”
The Top 10 List of New Car Spenders:
1. Glasgow – £26,271
2. Edinburgh – £26,166
3. London – £26,160
4. Cardiff – £24,199
5. Birmingham – £23,621
6. Sheffield – £23,495
7. Bristol – £22,988
8. Leeds – £22,753
9. Manchester – £22,118
10. Liverpool – £21,979
What did surprise Carwow was the sharp rise of Edinburgh to second place in such a short period of time. Back in April, when data was last reviewed by the team, the capital city only appeared in the bottom five on the list in ninth place, with an average spend on a brand new car of £21,577.
However, since the arrival of the ’66’ number plate last month, which saw the highest number of new car sales on record for September, Scotland’s capital has managed to leap from ninth to second place, with an average spend of £26,166 on a new vehicle.
The city of Cardiff also managed to leap frog up the list from 10th to fourth place, with an average new vehicle spend of £24,199, compared to £20,992 back in April, a 15% increase in just over five months.
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