Best Lease Cars From FLEXED For New & Young Drivers

These days, new and young drivers are more than happy to lease their first car rather than looking to buy a second-hand motor that could have hidden problems further down the line.

According to figures from back in 2015, around one in five young drivers between the age of 18 and 24 are now choosing to lease a car, so four years on and this figure is probably going to be much higher, and it’s easy to see why.

Being able to lease a car on a short term contract allows you to drive a modern, reliable car that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford to go out and buy or means you can stay away from old bangers too! All you have to pay is one affordable monthly amount for however long you choose to lease for.

What’s included in a lease?

When you lease a car with Flexed on a short term contract, your price includes UK road tax, manufacturer warranty, breakdown cover, 1,250 miles a month (additional mileages available) and vehicle maintenance, so basically all your motoring costs are covered within one affordable monthly outgoing.

The benefits

The monthly payments when leasing tend to work out much cheaper than they would be on a finance deal when purchasing outright and because you simply hand the car back once your contract comes to an end, you don’t have to worry about depreciation in value or having to sell the car on when the time comes.

Our short term lease contracts enable you to lease the car or van of your choice for a minimum of 28 days and after which you can either return the vehicle, ‘roll on’ for longer or switch to another model or make.

All of our vehicles available to lease are less than 12 months, with 85% being less than 6 months old. We also change our entire fleet every six months to ensure our customers always have the latest models to choose from.

And the fact that maintenance is included as part of your lease contract, means your chosen lease vehicle is looked after and kept in tip-top condition for however long you drive it for – peace of mind for both you and your parents!

At Flexed, we know how important it is for young drivers to look good, and that also carries across into what kind of car you want to drive. Fortunately, we have plenty of cars that are not only stylish but are also cheap to run and insure.

We know that insurance costs are one of the biggest issues for newer drivers, even for those who passed their test a few years ago, so choosing a car that falls into a lower insurance band can help you save money and will also enable you to build up your no claims bonus.

Take a look around our website and if you need help finding the right car for you based on how much you can afford to pay every month, we can tailor the best deal for you based on budget, the car chosen, how long you want to lease for and the mileage allowance you require – call 0800 311 8290 or email:

If you can’t see the exact model you’re interested in leasing, please let us know and we’ll do everything we can to find the right car for you!


The Cars


Toyota Aygo 5 Door 1.0 VVT-i X-Press – from £229.99 excl. VAT based on a 28 day rolling contract

FLEXED - short term car & van leases

Toyota Aygo 5 Door 1.0 VVT-i X-Press – the perfect car for new & young drivers.


A super smart small hatchback that’s economical to run and sits in the lower tax band, making it the ideal car for new & young drivers.

It comes packed with plenty of features too including parking sensors, X-Touch 7-Inch Display Screen with Multimedia System, air conditioning, USB and Aux-in Ports and lots more..

Limited stock available, so get in touch NOW – call 0800 311 8290.



Fiat 500 S 1.2 3 Door Hatch – from £229.99 excl. VAT based on a 28 day rolling contract and in stock NOW!

FLEXED - short term leases & long term rentals

Fiat 500 S 1.2 3 Door Hatch – in stock NOW at FLEXED! The ideal car for small families or new & young drivers.


A chic, modern supermini that’s affordable to run, making it the perfect car for small families or new & young drivers.

The 500 also comes with a myriad of equipment as standard including cruise control, rear parking sensors, sport seats, LED daytime running lights, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity, 7″ HD Touchscreen Radio with Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in and DAB and so much more..



Suzuki Swift Hatchback 1.2 Dualjet Attitude 5dr – from £249.99 excl. VAT based on a 28 day rolling contract

FLEXED - short term car & van leases

Suzuki Swift Hatchback 1.2 Dualjet Attitude 5dr – it’s new modern look makes it the perfect choice for new & young drivers!


The new Swift model has a more modern look which will appeal to new & young drivers as well as those with a small family.

Standard equipment with the ‘Attitude’ model includes LED daytime running lights, rear parking camera, Bluetooth integrated into audio unit, DAB digital radio, 16″ polished alloy wheels and lost more..

Limited stock available, so get in touch NOW – call 0800 311 8290.


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