Be Future Ready – Go All-Electric in 2021

Make This Year The Time To Lease An Electric Car!


We’re all well aware, that by the time the year 2030 comes around, the selling of brand new petrol and diesel cars will be banned here in the UK – and it’s only nine years away!

Therefore, now is the best time to start thinking about switching over to an all-electric vehicle or possibly a hybrid or plug-in hybrid but potentially, if you go down the route of a fully electric vehicle from the start, you’ll be ready for 2030.

The Climate Change Committee (CCC) would like it if around half of all cars on the road by this time were EVs and this represents about 16 million cars. If we’re to reduce carbon emissions by 68% by 2030, around 46% of the UK’s staggering 35 million cars on the road need to be zero-emission vehicles.

Currently in the UK, there’s been around 200,000 EVs registered so far but this figure is bound to increase, as more and more drivers make the switch to something greener in advance of the new laws.

However, there are sceptics amongst us who question whether EVs are actually as environmentally friendly as they’re said to be, with recent reports claiming that EVs are more polluting to manufacture than their counterparts, however, over their lifetime of usage on the road, they are more environmentally friendly due to the lower emissions they produce.

So, if you’ve been considering swapping over to an EV in 2021 and also love the idea of short term leasing, you’ll be pleased to know that here at Flexed, we have a great choice of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles for you to choose from.

We have a special page dedicated to Hybrid & Electric vehicles, which shows the current greenest models on the market that we have available to lease at any one time – please click here to take a closer look. If however, you can’t see the specific make and model you’re interested in leasing, please get in touch and our friendly & helpful team will do everything possible to find the right vehicle for you – call 0800 311 8290 or email:

All these models are available to lease for a minimum term of 28 days and can be rented long term for 1 month, 3, 6 or even 12 months and more. Our short term leasing process is easy and quick to set up, meaning you could be taking delivery of your new electric vehicle (EV) within a matter of days!

With our short term lease contracts, you can lease the car you want to drive for just the minimum of 28 days and after which, it’s entirely up to you what happens next – ‘roll on’ for longer, return the vehicle or swap to another model or make, with no additional charges to pay.

You can swap vehicle as many times as you like, once you’ve completed your initial 28 days!

Electric Cars for Leasing at FLEXED

We currently have a variety of all-electric vehicles for our customers to choose from, with prices starting from £499.99 excl. VAT per month right up to £1,199.99 excl. VAT per month – so depending on the budget you have in mind, we have the perfect all-electric car for everyone!

FLEXED - short term car leases

BMW i3 Electric Hatchback 125kW 42kWh 5dr Auto – from £499.99 excl. VAT per month!

We have a number of BMW i3 models to choose from, including the BMW i3 Electric Hatchback 125kW 42kWh 5dr Auto from £499.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – Limited Stock available, so call 0800 311 8290 NOW to order yours!

In stock now, we have the stunning Jaguar I-Pace – an electric luxury SUV that’s perfect for family life or as a company car. From a single, full charge, it will deliver around 250 miles of range. Charging time is 13 hours from a standard household charger or it will charge to 80% from a rapid 50kW DC charger within 60 minutes.

FLEXED - short term hybrid & electric car leases

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE 90kWh 5dr Auto Electric – from £999.99 excl. VAT per month!

You can lease the Jaguar I-Pace EV400 HSE 90kWh 5dr Auto Electric from £999.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract.

We also have three Audi E-Tron electric models to choose from, including the Audi E-Tron Electric 55 Quattro 95kWh 5dr Auto which you can lease from £999.99 excl. VAT per month based on a 28 day rolling contract – available to order NOW, so get in touch with our team TODAY with your order – call 0800 311 8290 or drop us a quick email to:

If you’d prefer to just dip your toe in for now, why not take a look at one of the hybrid vehicles we currently have available for short term leasing or long term rental. From the small Toyota Yaris to the giant Range Rover Sport and everything in between – whatever type of car you love to drive – we’ve got every kind covered within our choice of hybrids.

For less than £400 per month, you can lease the Suzuki Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet 48V Hybrid SZ5 AllGrip 5dr – a spacious SUV designed with family in mind or could possibly be used as a company car. Limited Stock available, so give us a call to order yours on 0800 311 8290.

Our 28-day price includes:

  • UK Road Tax
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • 1,250 miles a month (additional mileages available)

Fully Comprehensive car insurance can now be added to your lease contract with our new Car Subscription service – please click here to find out more!



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